Fire Emblem Heroes

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Name: Fire Emblem Heroes
Abbreviation(s): FEH
Creator: Intelligent Systems/Nintendo
Date(s): February 2, 2017
Medium: video games
Country of Origin: Japan, United States
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Fire Emblem Heroes is a tactical role-playing game based on the Fire Emblem series.

Story overview

The main conflict in Fire Emblem Heroes is a war between the nations of Askr and Embla. The protagonist, whom the player can choose the name of, aids the Kingdom of Askr and its Order of Heroes, whose members include its Commander Anna, Prince Alfonse, and Princess Sharena. Embla is led by Princess Veronica and Prince Bruno; Veronica is featured on the original app icon and prominently in the title artwork. Both sides use summoned heroes from other worlds, with the other worlds being the settings of other Fire Emblem games.[1]


The game has been a hit with crossover fans and shippers, as Askr's realm more or less canonizes the possibility of cross-game interactions. The support system allows the player to marry any two characters together, a boon to fans who shipped characters who either could not support or did not have a paired ending in their home games. Additionally, the Summoner themselves could marry a character of their choice. The supports lacking dialogue didn't lessen the joy, with fans writing their own supports for various pairs.

The game's original characters have been fairly well-received, due to their personalities and interactions as well as their backstories. Princess Fjorm, Prince Hrid, Princesses Laegjarn and Laevitan, Princess Veronica, and the Mysterious Man are especially popular due to their complex motives and storylines.

Gameplay-wise, the skill inheritance system and ally-merging are a boon for those looking to make their favorite units more useful. Players can also upgrade their units to 5 stars (the highest rarity and stat growths) with the help of Hero Feathers, which can be a big help if they fail to pull the 5-star version of a favorite character.

Controversies and Kerfluffles

The Voting Gauntlets caused large amounts of friction for a period of time, particularly one that saw fan favorite Lyn lose to the base-breaking Camilla. Ike, another fan favorite, defeating Camilla in the final round led to gloating and bashing of Camilla among her haters.[2] Other gauntlets saw bitter rage towards characters who beat players' favorites, or more gloating anytime a divisive character lost.[3] This led to massive backlash and fan wars for months.[4] Eventually, the kerfluffles over the Voting Gauntlets died down.

The amount of alts and a lack of certain characters becoming summonable has also led to bitterness and upset among fans. Camilla's inclusion in a Hoshidan New Year's banner resulted in angry Hinoka fans accusing the developers of favoring Camilla for her large breasts and having a grudge against Hinoka,[5] [6] while a Lucina variant who could use bows led to fans complaining that that particular Legendary banner didn't introduce a new Alm variant.

A bridal banner featuring Sanaki caused accusations of pedophilia among the staff, even though it was made clear that the 13-year-old Sanaki was merely playing dress-up and could also be considered a flower girl.



  • In 2018 Fire Emblem Heroes was ranked forth on the list of Tumblr's Top 20 "most reblogged" mobile games[7]

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