In Peaceful Days

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Title: In Peaceful Days
Creator: radiostarkiller, paperseverywhere, sixfeetzen, thehaakun, sleepless, madocallie
Date(s): April 14, 2020
Medium: Fan game, Visual novel
Fandom: Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Edeleth
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In Peaceful Days is an Edeleth visual novel taking place after the Crimson Flower route of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. It was created for NaNoRenO 2020.

The story summary is:

Meet Byleth Eisner - ex-mercenary, ex-professor, and current wife of Edelgard von Hresvelg, the Emperor of Fodlan. Now that the country is at peace, she's determined to give her El the perfect teatime date.
There's just one problem - where should she start?

Player reactions

Absolutely beautiful, it's one of those things I wish it went on longer. I love the art, the animation the references and the dialogue. The music is so good and I especially love that final piece when you kiss Edelgard, I swear I picked up Edge of Dawn motifs in there and it was lovely. Amazing job.[1]

wow wow wow wow. i cant say enough to express my awe for this game... that scene at the ending???? i replayed this game idk how many times but i know for sure i want to see el happy godammit i fucking love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

really glad the fandom has you guys that contributed this... crazy professional level stuff!![2]

I can't believe something with this much love and effort put into it is a free download.

This is wholesome and beautiful, the animations and the drawings are fantastic, and I actually laughed a couple times from the humorous dialogue!

Just flex and smile! You should be proud of this work.[3]

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