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Pairing: Ashe/Yuri
Alternative name(s): YuriAshe
Gender category: yaoi
Fandom: Fire Emblem: Three Houses
Canonical?: No
Prevalence: common
Fanart of Ashe and Yuri lying in a field while Yuri sings to Ashe.
fanart by trarioven, 2021
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Ashe/Yuri is the pairing of Ashe Ubert and Yuri Leclerc in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.


Ashe and Yuri were street urchins adopted by noble houses in the Kingdom of Faerghus; Ashe by House Gaspard and Yuri by House Rowe. Since Gaspard territory was part of Rowe, the two knew of each other. Their canonical first encounter is in the Cindered Shadows DLC sidestory, where they immediately recognize each other in battle. Ashe suggests taking Yuri back to Rowe, but Yuri has no interest in returning.[1]

The two speak to one another near the end of the storyline, after the final battle, but do not interact further. They not only lack a support set, but they don't share unique dialogue during meals, tasks, or activities. In Verdant Wind/Silver Snow, Yuri does have unique battle dialogue if he faces Ashe, who has defected to Rowe during the timeskip.[2]

In Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, the pair were finally given a support. The conversations consist of Ashe criticizing Yuri's underhanded methods as morally wrong, but later bringing up the bigger issue of not wanting Yuri to get himself killed doing such dangerous things. Yuri scoffs at his moralizing, but in the end he appreciates Ashe's concern for him.

The two also share a paralogue map on Azure Gleam, where Yuri comes to Ashe's rescue along with Shez and Catherine when Ashe's scouting unit is attacked and Ashe is harassed by remnants of Gaspard, who blame him for Lonato's death. Yuri defends Ashe without a moment's hesitation.


Ashe/Yuri's fandom comes partially from the distinct lack of canon content, with shippers taking what little the game gives them and building on it via headcanons and speculation. Due to the close proximity of Gaspard and Rowe territories, it's commonly assumed that Ashe and Yuri at least knew each other pre-game, leading to the idea of them being childhood friends. Yuri was also a member of the Blue Lions class before an incident led to his expulsion and exile to the Abyss under Garreg Mach; many stories have him rejoining the Blue Lions to reconnect with Ashe.

The pairing also owes its popularity to Ashe and Yuri being foils to each other. Both lived in poverty, but Yuri was born into it while Ashe was left to fend for himself and his siblings after their parents died. Both were adopted by Kingdom nobles, but while Ashe was treated well by Lord Lonato Gaspard, Yuri did not get along with Count Rowe and was instead looked after by a knight named Gwendal who worked in Rowe's service. Ashe is idealistic and sees the best in people, while Yuri is more cynical and world-weary due to knowing the worst of them. Fans feel the contrast between them makes for a good relationship, since they can learn from each other's better qualities and reign in one another's flaws.

Due to its lesser status among other Three Houses ships, it doesn't have any clear rivals, thus avoiding the drama and shipping wars endemic to the fandom. At most, fans are perpetually disappointed at their lack of supports in the original game and were overjoyed they finally had a set in Three Hopes.

Common tropes in fan work

  • Yuri and Ashe being childhood friends
  • Yuri saving Ashe at Ailell in Verdant Wind/Silver Snow
  • Hurt/Comfort
  • Yuri's allergy to cats conflicting with Ashe's love of them
  • Cooking and food
  • Yuri striving to protect Ashe from losing his good heart and idealism
  • Allusions to Yuri's past prostitution
  • Yuri giving Ashe bird-themed nicknames (Sparrow and Dove are the most popular)
  • Exploration of their supports in Three Hopes, particularly Yuri's feelings about Ashe's determination to save him

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