Fire Emblem: Thracia 776

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Name: Fire Emblem: Thracia 776
(Japanese: ファイアーエムブレム トラキア776, Faiā Emuburemu: Torakia Nana Nana Roku)
Abbreviation(s): FE5
Creator: Intelligent Systems/Nintendo
Date(s): 1999
Medium: video games
Country of Origin: Japan, United States
External Links: Official Site, Official Japanese Site
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Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 is a midquel game to Geneaology of the Holy War, and the last game ever worked on in the series by writer Shouzou Kaga. It is the 5th installment overall in the Fire Emblem series.

Story overview

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Thracia 776 is the story of Prince Leif of Leonstar, who must liberate his territory from enemy forces. He appears victorious at the end of this game, but being a midquel, the victory is subverted when he, his childhood friend Nanna, and their guardian Finn are left to guard Leonstar castle after being defeated by a surprise attack. This game tells Leif's story in full before he joins Seliph's party in Geneaology.


This installment is notorious for being extremely difficult and making players cry in frustration. In addition to making the usual mechanics more difficult, it adds features such as the Fatigue system (a unit cannot take part in battles after participating in a certain number of chapters) and Capture mechanic (for both the ally and the enemy), as well as enemy dancers (units who allow other party members a second turn) and healing staves being able to miss their target.

Players who have experienced this difficulty are usually able to laugh about it once they manage to complete the game.


The transformative fandom for this game is very small, partially due to how it's canonically a stepping-stone in the overall story of Jugdral. People do write fanfiction for it and appreciate it on its own, but for the most part the fandom is mainly comprised of gameplay discussions and Let's Plays.

Fan works


Gameplay videos