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Pairing: Lissa/Maribelle
Alternative name(s): Lissabelle, Lizbians, LissaMari
Gender category: yuri
Fandom: Fire Emblem Awakening
Canonical?: no
Prevalence: popular
Fanart of Lissa and Maribelle captured.
Fanart by lakithundurus, 2017
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Lissa/Maribelle is a popular pairing in the Fire Emblem Awakening fandom.


Lissa is the youngest princess of Ylisse, and Maribelle the daughter of a Ylissean duke. When they were children, Maribelle had no friends due to her prickly nature, with Lissa being the first person to reach out to her. Eternally grateful, Maribelle devoted herself to Lissa, caring for her safety and well-being above all else. Much of her dialogue early on is full of affection, worry, or reassurance to Lissa. She's very protective, even chewing out the Avatar for encouraging Vaike's vulgarity in Lissa's presence, and her B support with Chrom has her admitting she's been chasing away the men who are attracted to Lissa.[1] In turn, Lissa is just as concerned for Maribelle; their A support has her fussing when Maribelle is nearly wounded in battle, and she tells her that she wants Maribelle to look after her own needs as well as hers.

The Harvest Scramble DLC provides even more fodder, with Maribelle being extra possessive of Lissa and even declaring her "hers and hers alone." She's embarrassed by her outburst, though Lissa reassures her that she does understand and wanted to spend the Harvest Festival with Maribelle anyway.[2]

Summer Scramble does not feature any talks between the pair, but instead has Maribelle arguing with Cordelia over whose best friend (Lissa or Sumia) is superior.[3]


The pairing quickly gained a following among yuri fans due to the nature of their supports and the still image of the two embracing, though this following was initially small and quiet compared to mega-pairings like Chrom/Avatar or Henry/Olivia. When the game came out Stateside, the following grew and Lissa/Maribelle became the most commonly-written yuri ship in Awakening fandom. A few fans compared it to Ike/Soren from the Tellius games due to the similarities in backstory and Maribelle resembling Soren in temperament (prickly, rather possessive of their best friend).[4]

Some fans consider Maribelle's feelings for Lissa to be canon, due to her comment of "how could anyone not be in love with you?" during the Harvest Scramble. However, the two cannot marry in-game due to Awakening's mechanics; not marrying either off means missing out on Lissa's son Owain and Maribelle's son Brady. Fanfiction has found many ways around this, pairing Lissa and Maribelle as a married couple while having Brady and Owain born through magical means (particularly the ones discussed by Henry and Miriel in their A-S supports [5]) or a sperm donor/third partner. Vaike and Lon'qu are the most popular choices.

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