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Pairing: Constance/Hapi
Alternative name(s): Hapistance
Gender category: yuri
Fandom: Fire Emblem: Three Houses
Canonical?: Player determinate
Prevalence: popular
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Constance/Hapi is the femslash ship of Constance von Nuvelle and Hapi from Fire Emblem: Three Houses.


Constance is a fallen noble of the Adrestian Empire, and Hapi is a woman from a hidden village who was captured and experimented on. Both women ended up in Abyss, where they would eventually meet Byleth and join their class. If recruited, they will go on to fight either for or against the Empire.

During the Cindered Shadows DLC, they are instrumental in finding the Chalice of Beginnings only to end up lured into a trap by their caretaker Aelfric, who used Yuri Leclerc to capture Constance, Hapi, and Balthus von Albrecht so he could use their blood for a ritual. The player's group rushes to their rescue, though, and they are able to stop Aelfric.

Constance suffers severe mood swings in the sunlight due to it triggering painful memories in her (likely watching her family be killed and her house fall in broad daylight); she will go from a haughty, determined woman to a self-deprecating shrinking violet. Hapi is cursed to summon monsters when she sighs due to the experiments run on her, as a result she's constantly forced to suppress her emotions. Their support conversations are unique for Hapi in that they are the only ones where she does not discuss or lament her curse. She shows a more laid back and playful side, particularly in their C support where she shrugs off Constance's scolding about her table manners and feeds her a pastry. [1] Their A support involves Constance passionately defending her bond with Hapi to a pair of stuck-up noblewomen, at which Hapi smiles warmly.

Their ending is not explicitly romantic, but the two spend the rest of their lives together. [note 1]


Constance/Hapi gained ground as a ship almost immediately after the Ashen Wolves DLC due to their interactions. They have unique dialogue during shared meals and tasks; during the former, they banter over Hapi's table manners and Constance's "secret ingredients" in the meal, while in the latter Hapi expresses concern for Constance's listlessness in the sunlight. Constance also refers to her as "dear Hapi" during these moments.[2]

The pairing is not quite the Juggernaut Ship for Three Houses femslash fandom that Female Byleth/Edelgard is, but it is the most popular pairing for both characters. Fans appreciate their playful dynamic. Food is common in many fan works about the pair due to their supports revolving around them enjoying treats or coffee together, and the majority of safe-for-work stories about them are on the light and sweet side. If there is any angst involved, Hapi is typically the one trying to console or help Constance.

Smut is hugely popular for the couple as well, due to fandom's creation of the Abyss Sex Shop fanon and fic challenge. Constance's magic, Hapi's ability to summon monsters with her sighs, and the Abyss's access to overall "forbidden" things lend themselves well to creative scenarios and kinks. Dom/sub and Alpha/Bega/Omega are common, along with sex pollen and bondage.

The pairing sometimes shows up in the background of longer fics, but the majority of works are solely about the women themselves.

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  1. ^ "Once all the fighting was over, Hapi and Constance set out together on a journey across Fodlan. They toured the land as they liked, watching it come together in the aftermath of war. They helped in the rebuilding effort here and there with magic and even the occasional sigh. When their wanderings were done, they returned to Garreg Mach, to which they also lent their restorative talents, both above and below the ground. It is said that they remained lifelong friends, steadfast through thick and thin forever after."