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Pairing: Lucina/Severa
Alternative name(s): Lucisev
Gender category: yuri
Fandom: Fire Emblem Awakening, Fire Emblem Fates
Canonical?: no
Prevalence: popular
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Lucina/Severa is a popular pairing in the Fire Emblem Awakening and Fire Emblem Fates fandoms.



Lucina and Severa are both from a future timeline where their parents failed to stop Grima and the world was lost to its destruction. They do not have a support conversation together as there are few between female characters in Awakening. However, in the Hot Spring Scramble DLC they do talk and share their worries of not being able to live to up their parents legacy while also reassuring the other of their worth.

In the alternate timeline shown in The Future Past DLC Severa fights by Lucina side in the final battle against Grima, offering to sacrifice herself so that Lucina may live and be able to preform the Awakening. Once the war is over Severa becomes pegasus knight so that she can continue to serve under Lucina.


After the events of Awakening, Severa appears, alongside Inigo and Owain, in the world of Fates and becomes one of Camilla's retainers under the alias "Selena". While Lucina is technically not in the story proper, a alternate version of her (from the Smash Brothers timeline) can be summoned with the games amiibo function. If Severa is present when fighting against Lucina they will both be surpirsed by each others presence but Severa will realise that Lucina is "not the Lucina [she] knew" and continue to fight without holding back.


The pairing is often paralleled with Cordelia's unrequited feelings for Chrom, with many fanworks commenting that Severa was able to do what her mother was unable to: be with the Exalt. This became an even more popular theme after the Future Past DLC showed Severa saying she intended to protect Lucina just like her mother had Chrom as one of his pegasus knights. For this reason many fanworks are set in the Future Past timeline.

A good number of fan works feature either Frederick or Vaike as Severa's father. The former is Chrom's sworn knight and takes his duties very seriously, just as Severa does in the Future Past. The latter sees Chrom as a rival, but is extremely devoted to him as a friend. [1]

After Fates was released some fanworks explored the possible relationship between "Selena" and the alternate Lucina that can be summoned, often favoring an angsty outlook.

Fan works





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