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Pairing: LysiClaude
Alternative name(s): Lyisthea/Claude, Claude/Lysithea
Gender category: het
Fandom: Fire Emblem Three Houses
Canonical?: Player Determinate
Prevalence: rarepair
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LysiClaude is a rarepair in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. These two share a canon ending if the player maxes out their support during the Verdant Wind route.


Lysithea is a member of the Golden Deer house, led by Claude. In his introduction of his classmates, Claude admits to teasing her about her youth just for fun, with their first support conversation reflecting this. However, Claude has more respect for Lysithea than meets the eye; he acknowledges her talents and intelligence, and in their final support tells her he gives her a hard time because he cares and worries about her staying up too late.

Lysithea has a stronger presence in Verdant Wind, recognizing the mysterious mages fighting alongside the Empire as the ones who killed her siblings via forced Crest experiments, as well as leaving Lysithea herself weakened and with a shortened lifespan. She's the first one to alert Claude to their presence during the Remire Village chapter, where Tomas the librarian is revealed to be the Agarthan Solon under a disguise.


The game came out in July 2019, with fanworks being posted shortly after. Most fics on AO3 are by slotumn. Fans are drawn to the snarky but respectful dynamic the pair shares, but also the potential for angst and hurt/comfort due to Lysithea's illness and Claude's troubled past.

Fire Emblem fandom exists mostly on Twitter, probably because of Tumblr NSFW Content Purge. AO3 houses all of the smutty fanfiction.


As of October 10, 2020, there are 185 works tagged Lysithea/Claude on AO3. The majority of the pairing is written by one incredibly devoted author, who also responds to many "any/any, Claude/any, Lysithea/any" prompts with the ship.

Common Tropes in Fanworks

  • Hurt/Comfort and angst are often used in fics, especially because of their canon ending.
  • Modern AUs
  • Happily married ruling couple post-game
  • Smut
  • Kidfic/Pregnancy
  • Claude reverting to his birth name of Khalid after the war ends
  • Meeting each other's families for the first time

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