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Pairing: Felix/Sylvain
Alternative name(s): Sylvix
Gender category: slash
Fandom: Fire Emblem: Three Houses
Canonical?: vaguely, depending on player decicions.
Prevalence: popular
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Felix/Sylvain is a slash pairing in the Fire Emblem: Three Houses fandom between Felix Hugo Fraldarius and Sylvain José Gautier.


They have been friends with each other since childhood. Felix is often exasperated by Sylvain's womanizing ways, and Sylvain often tries to get Felix to loosen up.

Both can be recruited in any route, though they have different ending cards between Blue Lions and other routes. Their Blue Lions ending seems to be platonic but ends by saying they pass on the same day like "one could not live without the other." [1]. Their ending for other houses is tragic; they do not stay friends, but Felix does send Sylvain his favorite sword.


Creators like to explore the tension between them, especially how Felix's gruffness contrasts with Sylvain's outward confidence. Sylvain's womanizing hiding other pain, Felix's inability to be chill, and their intimate knowledge of each other's past is also explore.

Common Tropes and Fanon

Fics include friends to lovers, angst, and Modern AU.

Example Fanworks


“Not without me,” Sylvain says quietly. “Don’t go where I can’t follow, Felix.”
The realization of how desperately Felix wants to see Sylvain in this moment, right now, as he's bruising his shoulder against yet another unmovable door, how much he needs to find him breathing, needs to find him here, needs to find him unburied, hammers at the walls of Felix's awareness like it means to break them. He's been ignoring for months now, with wild success, the incoming sucker punch that is the magnitude of Sylvain’s importance to him. If he never had time for it at the Academy, he certainly didn't have time for it at war. Edelgard and her armies were bearing down. He would deal with it later. Tomorrow. Soon.
It's now.
(After the taking of Fhirdiad, Felix can't find Sylvain.)
Felix has a difficult time letting himself be vulnerable, even with Sylvain. The only language his body seems to understand is violence. He makes do.
Or, Felix asks Sylvain to beat the fight out of him before they fuck.
Sylvain is chained to the post at the opposite end of the small wooden cage. He’s curled up on himself from the pain of being kicked in the stomach, but when he meets Felix’s gaze, he grins and says, “I don’t think that one likes me.”
But you’re so likable,” Felix says stonily.
A guy walks into a prison stockade. Or: alternate ways to say I love you.



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