Serenity (Fire Emblem zine)

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Title: Serenity - A Black Eagles Lootbox Zine
Publisher: Spoils of War: A Black Eagles Loot Box
Type: anthology
Date(s): 2020-2021
Medium: digital, print
Size: A3
Fandom: Fire Emblem
Language: English
External Links: Black Eagles Loot Box
Zine Cover
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Serenity - A Black Eagles Lootbox Zine is a wlw focused zine that was included in the fan merch project Spoils of War: A Black Eagles Loot Box.

It was first released digitally and featured only written stories, however it was expanded upon to include art, as well as more authors, and then printed for the Black Eagles Lootbox 2.0 that followed.


Serenity denotes tranquility, peace, and, in some contexts, worship. This word inspires this collection of stories dedicated to the quiet intimacies of sapphic romance. Whether it be war or the mundane troubles of the day, there is nothing that our featured heroines can’t overcome. Love always finds a way to bring some semblance of serenity in their lives.


2020 Edition

Design: Cover art by isa (@AL0ND1TE) Graphics and design by Imani (@simpking69) formatting by lia (@ladybergamotx) logo by rose (@rascally_rose)

Writers: LESBIANDRAGON (@dragon_lesbian) lia (@ladybergamotx)