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Name: VNDB
Owner/Maintainer: Yorhel (admin and main developer)
Dates: September 2007 - present[1]
Type: Database and forum
Fandom: Visual novels
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The Visual Novel Database, more often called VNDB, is a fan-run database for user-submitted information on visual novels (VNs). The information cataloged includes official releases, language translation patches, searchable character and staff listings, whether there is an anime adaptation of the VN, and more.

There is an extensive collection of tags available for users to apply as they see fit to VNs and to characters. The tags cover everything from story themes (such as "Slice of Life Comedy", "Love Triangle", "Murder Mystery") to technical/gameplay details (such as "Map Movement", "Dating Simulation", "Protagonist with Voice Acting") to details on sexual content (such as "Netorare", "Dirty Talk", "Bathroom Sex") and character traits (such as "Childhood Friend", "Transgender", "Hot-Blooded").

Users can vote each VN on a scale from 1 to 10, as well as voice their opinions on the associated forum for each VN.

The site provides affiliate links to stores where the VN can be purchased.

Screenshot of the VNDB listing for the otome game Dessert Love -Kare to no Hajimari-.

Site rules

VNDB explicitly forbids "links to direct downloads, torrents or other means of downloading games".

Our stance on piracy is that patches and downloads that have modifications to the game's contents are allowed. This includes translation patches and restoration patches. Any downloads, tools, cracks or codes that have the sole purpose of avoiding the purchase of a game are considered piracy and should not be discussed on this site.[2]