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Pairing: Ash Ketchum x Misty (Satoshi x Kasumi)
Alternative name(s): PokéShipping, SatoKasu, etc.
Gender category: NL; F/M; Het
Fandom: Pokémon (anime)
Canonical?: no
Prevalence: popular
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PokéShipping is a term that refers to the romantic pairing of Ash and Misty in the Pokémon anime. Dating back to the original series, PokéShipping is one of the oldest and most popular ships in the Pokémon fandom.

Canon Interaction

Because pairings in the Pokémon anime very rarely become canonical, fans often debate about possible romances occurring off-screen or that may occur in the future. PokéShippers have collected "evidence" from the various seasons of the anime as well as the official movies to support their pairing. For a complete list of "evidence," see Shipping:PokéShipping at Bulbapedia.

Most fans who have also seen the Japanese anime will point out that the shipping hints were mostly present in the dub, as the original anime's head writer Taskeshi Shudo reportedly stated that Satoshi and Kasumi were strictly platonic and that he did not particularly care for the couple. Many PokeShippers were exposed to the dub before learning of the original anime, however, thus preferring it and considering it their main canon source.


In addition to the term PokéShipping, which is now most common, the Ash/Misty (Satoshi/Kasumi) ship has been known by various other terms, especially in the beginnings of the Pokémon fandom. Today, some of the alternate names have come to refer to certain types of PokéShippers. Such alternate names include:[1]

  • AAML - stands for "Ash And Misty Love." Also AAMRN, "Ash And Misty Romance Novel."
  • BikeShipping - an early name that refers to the event in the anime when Ash and Pikachu break Misty's bike. The term is rarely used anymore.
  • GakiShipping - an early term coined around the same time as TwerpShipping. The name was originally meant to refer to Ash and Misty as "gakis" ("Gaki" is a somewhat rude way to refer to a child in Japanese), but has since evolved to describe the actual shipper. "GakiShipper" is now used only in an insulting manner towards shippers (not necessarily only PokéShippers) who use flimsy evidence to support their position or otherwise act childish, especially when referring to their supported 'ships.
  • SakaShipping - an early portmanteau of the Japanese names, Satoshi and Kasumi.
  • SatoKasu - the original Japanese term for the ship, using the standard Japanese naming method of combining the first two characters from each character's name, starting with the dominant character. It is still widely used.
  • SushiShipping - a portmanteau of the Japanese names, Kasumi and Satoshi, to form a real word. Such names were popular in the early fandom but are uncommon today.
  • TwerpShipping - a very early name for the pairing, currently used primarily amongst users who primarily associate with RocketShipping.


Ash/Misty remains one of the most popular Pokemon anime ships to date. Like RocketShipping, it holds a strong nostalgic pull for many fans who watched the anime as kids or teenagers and dove headfirst into the fandom to devour all the AAML fics they could find. Some fans cite it as the first thing they ever shipped.

Fanfiction for the pair was home to many cliches and tropes:

  • Something dangerous happens to either Ash or Misty, forcing them to realize their love for each other.
  • Confessing their feelings during times of duress, thinking they'll never have another chance.
  • Anyone playing matchmaker for the pair. Pikachu and Brock were the most common matchmakers, though sometimes Pikachu teamed up with Togepi and Brock was merely an observer on the sidelines. Sometimes Jessie and James, the pair's enemies, would realize what was going on between the two. (It was common for fics to include both Pokeshipping and Rocketshipping.)
  • Brock or Gary being demonized, usually as a rival for Misty's love, but sometimes Gary is there just to hurt Ash or Misty.
  • Lemon fanfics in which Ash repays his debt for Misty's ruined bike with sex.
    • Lemons in general were popular in the hentai sector of the fandom. Some authors aged up the characters at least to their teens, but underage sex was a common theme in these fics, which didn't go unnoticed by MST authors or critics of Pokemon hentai.
  • Ash and Misty have a big fight and one runs away in tears (usually Misty), with the other chasing after them so they can make up and admit their true feelings.
  • Misty staying at Ash's house after he wins his Pokemon League challenge, providing many opportunities for them to be alone together and confess their feelings. (These were extremely common back before the original anime series ended.)
  • Next gen fics centered around Ash and Misty's kids going on their own Pokemon journeys.
  • Jealousy, usually Ash's when Misty spends time with a male original character created mainly to jump start such a plot. Sometimes the OC could be friendly and harmless, but other times he could turn out to be a bad person. Either way, Ash's jealousy always made him realize his love for Misty.

These cliches are remembered somewhat fondly for the nostalgic value, though some less than others.


Notable Fanworks


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Title Circle Published
Chocolate Panic! Takanotsume Gold 2001.10.25
Get You! Tatairotougarashi
Honto no Negai Ag-proietto 2009
I Don't Tell Tatairotougarashi
Manaspure A-Lycos
Orange Mail Takanotsume Gold
Ready Go! Vivid Kids 2002.12.28
Sakana no Hone Dan Gai lyric 2011.06.26
SATOKASU de Festival (anthology) various
Second Kiss Ag-proietto 2010.03.21
Sonosakini Bad boy 2008.08.24
Toi et Moi Pokemon Biscuits
Yumeiro Kibun Vivid Kids 2002.08.09

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