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Name: Misty (Kasumi)
Occupation: Leader of Cerulean Gym
Title/Rank: Trainer, Gym Leader
Location: Cerulean City, Kanto
Status: alive
Relationships: Daisy, Violet, and Lily (sisters)
Fandom: Pokémon
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Misty, or Kasumi in Japan, is a character in the Pokémon franchise. She is the Gym Leader in Cerulean City and becomes one of Ash's traveling companions during the first season of the anime, and has since shown up sporadically as a guest star. Misty was a popular character on the anime, and many fans still hope for her permanent return.



PokéShipping, the Ash/Misty pairing, was and remains a very popular ship. Many of its supporters, known as "PokéShippers," have been displeased that new females characters have continued to be introduced to fill Misty's role and create new ships with Ash. EgoShipping, the Misty/Gary pairing, and OrangeShipping, the Misty/Tracey pairing also became popular during the first series.

Common Tropes in Fanworks

  • High School AU: common because of her relative age
  • Reunion: Misty reuniting with the original group, Ash Ketchum, Brock or Tracey Sketchit
  • Futurefic: Misty as a teenager or an adult, sometimes in a romantic relationship
  • Gym Leader: focusing on Misty's life as a gym leader


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Doujinshi art by Ag-proietto
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