Chocolate Panic!

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Title: Chocolate Panic!
Circle: Takanotsume Gold
Fandom: Pokémon
Date/s: 25 October 2001[1]
Type: manga
Size: B5, 50 pages
Language: Japanese
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Chocolate Panic! is a Pokémon doujinshi by Takanotsume Gold. It contains a romance story with the Satoshi x Kasumi (Ash x Misty) pairing.

It's Valentine's Day, and like many girls, Misty is getting cold feet about giving that special someone their gift. But when Team Rocket steals the treasured chocolate she knows she has to get it back before the end of the day, or else Ash may never understand her feelings![2]


  • "This story is as sweet as any chocolate treat. Misty keeps chickening out of giving Ash his chocolate (he makes it clear in the beginning to anyone nearby that he doesn't like the holiday, anyway), and when she finds out Team Rocket swiped it (without knowing it belongs to her, not like it matters) she follows them to try to get it back. But what's this? Ash was following her? It's just too cute, and so worth the price I paid."[2]


Additional scans can be found at the pokeshipping Tumblr.


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