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Pairing: SnowBaz
Alternative name(s): Tyrannus Basilton "Baz" Pitch/Simon Snow, Simon/Baz
Gender category: slash
Fandom: Carry On
Canonical?: yes
Prevalence: fandom OTP
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SnowBaz is the smushname for Simon Snow/Tyrannus Basilton 'Baz' Grimm-Pitch, the main pairing in the Carry On fandom, based on the book by Rainbow Rowell and to a lesser extent her previous work, Fangirl.


The pairing was first introduced in Fangirl where it's one of the most popular ships in the fictional Simon Snow series by Gemma T. Leslie. They aren't canon in the series.

Only a few fanworks were made between the publication of Fangirl in 2013 and Carry On in 2015, mostly because there wasn't a lot known about the characters. After Carry On, the ship became canon and the number of fanworks rapidly increased. The fans were able to get to know more about the characters and became more invested in them.

SnowBaz and Drarry

Carry On is heavily inspired by Harry Potter and SnowBaz is the equivalent of Drarry. This can be seen through canon Harry Potter similarities like Simon being the chosen one and Baz coming from an old and traditional family. In addition, Rowell also added typical Drarry fanfiction tropes. For example:

  • Simon and Baz are stuck together as roommates and there's no possibility of changing it.
  • Baz is a vampire. Draco is often some kind of magical creature like vampire or Veela in fanfiction.
  • Baz is very similar to LeatherPants!Draco.
  • Simon is obsessed with Baz being evil and stalks him, especially when he was still younger.

Common tropes

Example Fanworks






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