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Name: Simon Snow
Occupation: Mage, student
Title/Rank: Chosen One, Mage's Heir
Location: Watford School of Magicks & London, England
Status: alive
Relationships: Baz Grimm-Pitch (love interest, boyfriend), Penelope Bunce (best friend), Agatha Wellbelove (ex-girlfriend), The Mage (mentor/father), Lucy (mother), Ebb Petty (friend)
Fandom: Carry On, Fangirl
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Fanon, tropes, fanart, meta?

Simon Snow is one of the main characters in Carry On fandom, based on the book by the same name written by Rainbow Rowell.

Simon also appears in Rowell's earlier novel, Fangirl, which tells the story of a BNF in the fictional Simon Snow series written by fictional author Gemma T. Leslie.


In the author's notes to the book, Rowell describes Carry On & Simon:

If you've read my book Fangirl, you know that Simon Snow began as a fictional character in that novel.
A fictional-fictional character. Kind of a amalgam and descendant of a hundred other fictional Chosen Ones.[1]

The most obvious comparison is that with Harry Potter with whom Simon shares many character traits and backstory elements (non-magician child being taken to a magical school at age 11 by a mentor/father-figure who is headmaster of the school, rough childhood, doesn't know his parents, clever female best friend, nemesis who represents the old magical families, personal link to the verse's arch-villain etc.)


Simon appears most commonly in the SnowBaz pairing, shipped with canon love interest Baz Grimm-Pitch.

On AO3, in May 5 2016 there were 545 works tagged Simon Snow. As of April 13, 2019, there were 2809. According to the AO3 sidebar:

Fanon & Common Tropes

  • Simon's love of food in general & cherry scones in particular
  • Simon's obsession with Baz "plotting"[2][3][4]

Example Fanworks







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