Agatha Wellbelove

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Name: Agatha Wellbelove
Occupation: Student, Mage
Location: Watford School of Magigcks, Florida
Status: Alive
Relationships: Simon Snow (ex-boyfriend)
Penelope Bunce (friend)
Baz Grimm-Pitch (Crush)
Minty (best friend)
Lucy (pet dog)
Fandom: Carry On, Fangirl
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Agatha Wellbelove is a character from the Carry On series by Rainbow Rowell

She is also mentioned in Rowell’s earlier novel Fangirl, which tells the story of a BNF in the fictional Simon Snow series written by fictional author Gemma T. Leslie


Unlike the other characters from Carry On, which is heavily inspired by Harry Potter, Agatha doesn’t seem to have an obvious Harry Potter character as equivalent. The closest one would be Ginny Weasley but besides both being the love interest of the main character, they don’t have many similarities. Agatha is characterized as this beautiful girl that is supposed to be Simon Snow's Happy End, she dislikes magic and all the adventures that come with it and just wants a normal life. Ginny, on the other hand, is headstrong and always where the action is.


Agatha isn’t a very popular character from the Carry On universe. The majority of fans either don't really care about her or dislike her. On AO3 on September 8, 2019, there are only 958 stories tagged Agatha Wellbelove whereas Simon Snow and Baz Pitch have over 3,000 stories and Penelope Bunce has 1,786 stories in their tags. She is more used as a side character than as a main character.


Agatha is in fanworks most often portrayed without a romantic partner and there isn’t a very popular ship with here. When she is shipped it's usually Simon Snow/Agatha Wellbelove or Penelope Bunce/Agatha Wellbelove. Some others ship her with her muggle friend Minty, whom her narrative sections bring up frequently.


A part of the fandom sees Agatha as aromantic and or asexual, which is based on her saying in Carry On that she might not be able to love someone in a romantic way and the fact that she doesn’t have a canon love interest. The other part headcanons her as a lesbian.

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