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Name: theopteryx
Alias(es): B-Rex, beerexington
Type: artist, writer
Fandoms: Bandom (especially MCR), MCU, The Raven Cycle...
URL: Fanart blog
fic journal
AO3 page
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Theopteryx is a prolific artist and writer.

Theopteryx was active on Livejournal from 2008 to 2013, and at the time of writing is primarily present on Tumblr.

Theopteryx has given Blanket Permission to Podfic of her stories.[1]


The fandoms in which Theopteryx has produced fanart include:

Bandom (especially My Chemical Romance but also Panic at the Disco etc); Captive Prince, Parks and Recs, Inception, True Blood, Harry Potter, Tron: Legacy, MCU, The Vintner's Luck, DC Comics, Alien, Glee, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Hunger Games, Game of Thrones, The Raven Cycle, Sailor Moon, Sleepy Hollow, Welcome to Night Vale, True Detective, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Teen Wolf, Hannibal, Pacific Rim, Vikings, Elementary...

As of May 7, 2015, all of the fanfic posted by Theopteryx on AO3 was MCR Frank/Gerard.

Style and Themes

Art: Theopteryx mainly produces digital sketches. A good number of her art pieces are character portraits, often in close-up.

Fic: Theopteryx has produced many AUs, historical or futuristic. Her stories often include hurt/comfort themes (Sick!Frank being a favourite), as well as elements of the supernatural (such as werewolves), crossdressing or genderfuck. They are often epic in length. Theopteryx has also written several not!fics.

Example Fanworks


Art for other people's fic:




  1. ^ Livejournal profile: PODFIC: Blanket permission to podfic (but please send me a link to the finished piece!) (retrieved May 7, 2015)