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Name: Loki
Creator: Michael Waldron
Date(s): June 9 - July 14, 2021 (Season 1)
Medium: television
Country of Origin: United States
External Links: Loki (TV Show, 2021) at marvel.com, Archived version
L(ogo)OKI fannish logo by BossLogic (2020)
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Loki is a streaming television series based on the Marvel character of the same name that is a part of Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Loki is portrayed by the British actor Tom Hiddleston.

The first season consists of six episodes. A second season was announced at the end of the final episode, For All Time. Always.[1] Filming began in June 2022 and screening started on October 5, 2023.[2]

Prerelease Fandom

Fannish speculations about the series started on social media as soon as the show was confirmed in November 2018.

Prerelease Comments

i love how we all have collective nervousness every time loki and sylvie are onscreen together

in the distance i can hear all of us chanting “don’t kiss don’t kiss don’t kiss”

allana on tumblr, July 7, 2021 [3]

Prerelease Fanworks


iT iS tHe DaY~~🎵 by loki-is-a-dweeb (2021)



Season One

Fannish Reactions

before the loki episode tomorrow a quick reminder that the loki book by mackenzi lee exists and it’s canon and got canon pan/bi loki + canon genderfluid loki (w/ some great explanations for exactly how asgardians feel about it) and amora the enchantress uses sylvie lushton as an alias so that’s a fun easter egg. also loki has a very cute relationship with theo bell, who has something to do with the founding of shield idk but he and loki were the best. anyway.

perfectlywisedelusions on tumblr, June 30, 2021 [4]

Some fans were frustrated by the way the show ignored Loki's Jotunn heritage and supernatural abilities:

"Magic doesn't work in the TVA--"

citizen-of-the-fandom on tumblr, December 5, 2021 [5]

Since 2011 in all movies, Loki was framed as the bad guy no matter what he did and the narrative sided with all other characters, even if they committed crimes and even if they were wrong.

Loki series should have finally been about Loki and his story, introduce him as the hero of the story and present his side, why he did what he did, make him sympathetic, show us he was never truly evil, that he had reasons to do what he did. Like in Wandavision [sic].

Despite her crimes, narrative was on her side. Thats how a show about the main character should be written. Same with Hawkeye. If Hawkeye was written in the Loki series style, Clint would be in jail for his murders. Instaed the show does what it should - make him sympathetic.

But in Loki, he was the sidekick again, the one who is always silenced, wrong, his story was put aside to make a way for the new character noone asked for. In his show. Even if he is the good guy characters mock and insult him and the narrative is telling us to agree with these characters, even if he is right, he is labeled a liar. Lies are spit out about him all the time and they are never corrected.

I keep asking myself how did this happen. Why was Loki the only character that got writers who clearly dont like him, dont understand him, dont care about him and lack basic knowledge about him.

mostlybuckystuff on tumblr, May 11, 2022 [6]


tumblr Posts

Season Two

Loki Doodle by PR Olvdr (2023)

The filming of season 2 began in June 2022 and screening started on October 5, 2023.[2]



Common Tropes in Fanworks

  • Thor: including Thor in the story is common in fanworks, usually the original MCU Thor, but sometimes also Thor variants
  • Loki variants: a deeper exploration of the Loki variants we meet in the series, like Kid Loki, Classic Loki, Boastful Loki, President Loki, and Alligator Loki



Welcome to Valhalla, brother (2021) by Ponderosa



Links & Resources

The Good, the Bart, and the Loki

The Good, the Bart, and the Loki is a short film in The Simpsons franchise reflecting on Loki's role in the MCU. It was released on July 7, 2021, alongside Journey into Mystery, the fifth episode of Loki.[7] The short was well-received amongst fans, especially those who were disapointed by the show.

Did I think I’d care about Loki + Simpsons crossover? Nah, I only wanted to watch for Tom.

But did I suddenly get all emotional over Loki being adopted into a new family and him immediately being liked by his new father figure??? YEAH

secretlifeoffangirls on tumblr, July 7, 2021 [8]

The Simpsons’ “The Good, the Bart, and the Loki”, a six minute special, really said, “We can do Loki better than his own show”, huh?

sarcasm-for-free on tumblr, July 7, 2021 [9]

It’s so funny the Simpsons did this.

Putting him on trial for being more popular than the heroes is so on point.

Marvel never expected him to be so popular, and they’re so annoyed that we love him and Tom so much.

The series is our punishment for loving Loki and wanting more content with him.

the-winter-apple on tumblr, July 8, 2021 [10]

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