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Name: Cap/Iron Man Reverse Bang
Date(s): 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
Type: Reverse Bang
Fandom: Captain America, Iron Man, The Avengers
Associated Community: cap_ironman
URL: Cap/Iron Man Reverse Bang 2010 Master List
Cap_Ironman 2013 Reverse Big Bang (AO3 collection)
2013 Reverse Bang Masterpost
Reverse Bang tag at cap_ironman
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Cap/Iron Man Reverse Bang is a Steve/Tony Reverse Bang. It is organized by the cap_ironman community.

Master List 2010

Alter. Ego. by arysteia

Artist: m_steelgrave
Rating (Art): G (totally SFW)
Rating (Fic): NC-17 (you could stop at the bedroom door – literally – and be fine though)
Universe: non-AU 616-AU (see author’s notes)
Word Count: 11,759
Warnings: comic book science, comic book medicine, comic book violence, comic book explicit sex
Summary: Romancing Steve Rogers is hard enough. The last thing Tony Stark needs is a rival. In the shape of Iron Man.

The Devil for Us All by m_steelgrave

Artist: endeni
Rating (both art/fic): PG-13
Universe: 616-based American Civil War AU
Word Count: ~9,500
Warnings: Violence, references to some past dub-con situations, period-appropriate words that are considered slurs in contemporary society, history geekery ahoy
Summary: As the war between the states draws to a fiery close, Tony Stark finds himself trying to rebuild both the Confederate capital and his own life.

Extinction by valtyr

Artist: thisfishflies
Universe: Marvel Adventures
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Nope!
Beta: muccamukk
Summary: The first time Tony met Captain America, he was riding a dinosaur. After that, things got weird.
Word Count:13000
Author's notes: In continuity with Marvel Adventures: Avengers, and Marvel Adventures: Iron Man. Not in continuity with :Marvel Adventures: Superheroes.

Guardian by laulan

Artist: manic_intent (No separate post, see fic link)
Rating (both art/fic): NC-17
Universe: Movie
Word Count: 9145
Warnings: Fluff.
Summary: AU from the events of the first movie, completely ignores Iron Man 2 canon. After Tony Stark reveals that he is Iron Man, Nick Fury assigns Captain America to be Tony Stark's bodyguard and train him to become part of the Avengers Initiative. Things get complicated when Cap almost takes a bullet for Tony and Tony gets captured by a rogue ex-military man.

High School Is Not a Musical by settiai

Artist: objectivelyp1nk
Rating (both art/fic): PG
Universe: High School AU, with characterization based mainly on 616.
Word Count: ~4200
Warnings: n/a
Summary: Starting at a new school in the middle of the year is hard enough for Steve Rogers. Then he meets Tony Stark, and his life really starts to get complicated.

Hostile Takeovers by truthiness_aura

Artist: niki_chidon
Rating (both art/fic): PG for art, PG-13 for fic
Universe: Movieverse, with a MA influence
Word Count: 12,000
Warnings: Violence. Language. Slight sexual content. A villain endorses Nazi Germany's views on race.
Summary: Iron Man is not just the armor.

Indelible by penumbren

Artist: angel_inoshi
Rating (both art/fic): PG/PG-13
Universe: 616/7207 (Noir) crossover
Word Count: 43,771
Warnings: Nothing you wouldn't find in the comics. (Except maybe the kissing.)
Summary: Following on the heels of the Siege comes the dawning of a new age, and life slowly begins to return to normal...sort of. To say Tony's life hit rock bottom would be an understatement. He has to re-build his company - again, under the "Stark Resilient" banner with no money, deal with estranged relationships between his friends and fellow Avengers, pretend that his memory loss is in no way a hindrance, all while coming to terms with the fact that now - there really is no way in hell he'd have a chance with Steve. Wow...the Heroic age is great! Until one day, when an experiment goes awry, Tony thinks he may have found an answer to his problems. Meanwhile, Steve finally faces something he's been avoiding for a very long time.

Independence Day by settiai

Artist: kelly1_watxm
Rating (both art/fic): PG
Universe: 616 (of the speculative future variety)
Word Count: ~7700 words
Warnings: n/a
Summary: It's Steve's 90th birthday, and Tony wants to throw him a party. What could possibly go wrong?

Mind and Iron by jazzypom

Artist: fox
Universe: Marvel Ultimates (1610)
Rating: PG-13 (warning for language)
Warnings: Dodgy comic book science
Beta: Yeah. Thanks, faerii.
Summary: Steve Rogers has lost his leg in battle, and is expelled from The Ultimates. Frustrated and unable to fight on the front lines, but refusing to accept his injury, Steve goes to Tony and asks for a favour. You can't always get what you want, but sometimes, you get what you need.
Word Count: 6034
Author's notes: This story diverts after Ultimate Avengers: Volume 1, in that Gregory Stark is a presence in the story, but there are no vampires, there's no Luke Cage, and the other Ultimates are mentioned in passing, if at all.

Priorities-Hierarchy by dome_epais

Artist: lucidatype
Rating (both art/fic): PG-13
Universe: Alternate Universe
Word Count: 7,871
Warnings: Language, military violence (not including torture)
Summary: There are reasons why Tony's a handler instead of an active spy. He just can't remember them after Steve, his asset, is captured.

The Probability of Combined Events by jazzypom

Artist: dollam
Universe: Marvel 616
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Dodgy comic book science
Beta: Long story, but short answer: no.
Summary: Steve finds himself transported to another dimension, where order rules at the behest of Tony Stark. Before Steve can get back to his own world, however, he has to deal with this one.
Word Count: 8400
Author's notes: There's scene chewing Tony Stark, dodgy comic book science.

Refract, Converge by dome_epais

Artist: silver_autumn
Rating (both art/fic): Art is R, fic is NC-17
Universe: 1608
Word Count: 6100
Warnings: Language. Explores several kinks, including voyeurism, exhibitionism, and D/s. Explicit homosexual sex, heterosexual D/s scenes without sex. NOTE: This fic deals semi-explicitly with Mary Jane/Peter, and there is a side pairing of Pepper/OFC.

Revise, Rebuild, Repeat by muccamukk

Artist: mis_mariposas
Rating (both art/fic): PG-13
Universe: 3490 (or Rule 63'd Edition of 616/Movie)
Word Count: 6,800
Warnings: (skip) References to torture (happens off page), discussion of sexual violence (doesn't actually happen at all), profanity (totally happens a lot).
Summary: In the wake of the Sentient Armour's attack, Natasha Stark reassesses her priorities and begins to put her life back together. Meanwhile, Steve tries to be helpful.

Silent Memories by Joykit

Artist: Foxwind
Rating (both art/fic): PG-13
Universe: AU/616
Word Count: 6506
Warnings: It's Silent Hill inspired, nuff said; gore, disturbing images, disturbing ideas, angst...
Summary: He can't remember who he is or how he got here, but in a town full of the unexpected that's the least of his worries.

The Space Jello That Didn't Eat Chicago by tsukinofaerii

Artist: effex
Rating (both art/fic): PG13
Universe: Marvel Adventures: Avengers
Word Count: 14,900
Warnings: None
Summary: For Science (and also for Toni's Ulterior Motives), the Avengers head up into space. Due to a combination of events, they get mixed up in the left over mess from an old galaxy-cruising sweet-talker, get slimed, and pick up an honorary Avenger along the way. Science never catches a break, and neither do Toni and Steph. Luckily, Wolverine used to be a Reverend. It's probably a Thursday.

There is no 'I'... by jadedoll

Artist: viva_la_yaoi
Rating (both art/fic): Fic: PG-13 | Art: PG-13
Universe: Movie-verse
Word Count: 20,035
Warnings: Non-consensual body modification
Summary: The reasons not to join the Avengers were many and varied. The problem was that when Captain America smiled at him, Tony had trouble remembering what they were.

Master List 2012

Stephen, paladin of a lost goddess. One of three pieces of fanart by coinin. (see Adamant)

Adamant by whizzy

Artist: kikainausagi (coinin)
Rating (both art/fic): g/pg13
Universe: movies w/comic elements
Word Count: 60k
Warnings: violence, mild torture
Summary: Anthony Stark, Lord of the city of Mainhett, undertakes an expedition to recover the lost shield of a legendary paladin.

And the void would be calling. by jadedoll

Artist: davincis_girl
Rating: Fic NC-17/Art PG
Universe: Marvel Earth 199999
Word Count: 18K
Warnings: None
Summary: Tony could be suffering from amnesia, a hitch-hiker from a parallel dimension, a ghost or maybe a time-traveller. He's sure he could work out the answer if Steve would just stop pretending he was Tony's boyfriend.
Bloodtests, Spandex, and the Debauchery, art thumbnail

Bloodtests, Spandex, and the Debauchery of Captain America by eeyore9990

Artist: tripperfunster
Rating: NC-17 fic with worksafe art
Universe: Movieverse
Word Count: ~9850
Warnings: None.
Summary: Director Nick Fury only wants Tony to look after Steve and run some tests on him. So of course Tony goes the extra mile. Because he's a patriot like that.

by the light we see by somehowunbroken

Artist: niki_chidon
Rating (both art/fic): G for art || PG for fic
Universe: Earth-199999 (movieverse)
Word Count: 8,053
Warnings: ah, well, it turned out rather more gen that I'd intended, but it's definitely still Steve and Tony :)
Summary: It takes a little while for Steve to notice that something isn't right with Tony.

Contrapposto by sunryder

Artist: beeceexx
Rating (both art/fic): R
Universe: Film
Word Count: 6265
Warnings: Partial nudity in pic
Summary: The first time Steve met Tony, neither one of them were using their real names.

Deep Waters by elenothar

Artist: essouffle
Rating (both art/fic): G for artwork // R for fic
Universe: AU
Word Count: 9113
Warnings: Angst, lots and lots of angst... terminal illness
Summary: After Peggy breaks up with him Steve finds himself searching for solace in a bar. Little does he expect to find someone else to love instead - and a whole new load of problems being unearthed by that. For one, the genius bartender isn't too keen on being romanced. Bartender!AU
Flight, art thumbnail

Flight by sunryder

Artist: made_of_tin
Rating (both art/fic): PG
Universe: comic-esque
Word Count: ~16,000
Warnings: abuse of canon
Summary: "You have need of freedom, Steven!" "This isn't freedom Thor, it's kidnapping!" Steve objected, trying to sound forceful while hanging from the claws of Thor's griffin. It didn't really work since he could hear Thor laugh at his objection and feel Loki, the griffin, doing the same.

Forgive to Forget by settiai

Artist: avienica
Rating (both art/fic): PG
Universe: Marvel Adventures: Avengers
Word Count: ~6000 words
Warnings: n/a
Summary: Eventually someone was going to have to apologize, no matter whose fault it had been.

How Come We Play War And Not Peace? by valtyr

Artist: chibifukurou
Rating (both art/fic): PG-13
Universe: Movieverse
Word Count: 6900
Warnings: None
Betas: tsukinofaerii and jazzypom
Summary: Tony's six years old, and Cap is his best friend. He's also a dog. A blue one.

I've got you under my skin by sirona_gs

Artist: ashei
Rating (both art/fic): PG for Art, R for fic
Universe: Movie, AU
Word Count: ~39,000
Warnings: discussion of bullying, mentions of homophobia, strong language, Tony feels.
Summary: Five times Beijing 2008 Olympics Gold Medalist Tony Stark thinks it's going to be no more difficult a job to get ready for London 2012 than what he has just achieved. That was, of course, before Coach Fury came to visit, and offered him a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be a part of something much bigger than himself. Swimming AU.

The Idiot Box by margo_kim

Artist: ataratah
Beta: coppermouth
Rating (both art/fic): PG/ PG-13
Universe: Movieverse
Word Count: 21,000
Warnings: Some sexuality, lots of language.
Summary: Stephanie Rogers isn't happy to be in the 21st century, but she's even less thrilled to be on a team with Antonia Stark who seems as spoiled and self-centered as people come. She and Tony do their best to ignore each other, until their mutual insomnia (read: nightmares) causes them to bond over the new American pastime: late night television watching.

It's Not the Size of the Boat (It's the Motion of the Ocean) by someidiothasice

Artist: lynndyre
Rating (both art/fic): G/PG-13
Universe: Marvel Movieverse
Word Count: 23,495
Warnings: n/a
Summary: "Look at me. Loki turned me back into a weakling. With asthma. There is no way that Fury will ever let me be Captain America again. Not like this. And that was the last thing from my past that I had to hold onto. How can this possibly not be a bad thing?"

Loving the Alien by loveinstars

Artist: gottalovev
Rating (both art/fic): PG-13
Universe: Movie!Verse
Word Count: 11,510
Warnings: None.
Summary: A journey that starts with horrible first impressions and ends with a first date promise.
Running, Jumping, Falling, art thumbnail

Running, Jumping, Falling (Part 2, Part 3)by flitter_and_fly

Artist: gadgetorious
Betas: sara_wolf and worthyapplepie
Rating (both art/fic): NC-17 (for fic), NSFW (for art - partial nudity and implications)
Universe: Movie!verse
Word Count: ~13,500
Warnings: Violence, Language, Explicit Sex (m/m)
Summary: When Tony Stark met Steve Rogers for the first time, it was pretty much lust at first sight, but he knew better than to pursue anything with Captain America. What he didn’t expect was for Steve to continuously seek out his company. In the face of the press, the Avengers team, and the usual supervillains, Tony finds himself approaching dangerous territory with his heart.

School Daze by settiai

Artist: aikoss
Rating (both art/fic): PG-13
Universe: High School AU, with characterization based on a combination of Earth-616 and Earth-199999.
Word Count: ~7700 words
Warnings: Implications that teenagers (of the underage variety, at least according to some U.S. states) have sex.
Summary: Homework, tests, teachers, dating troubles, school dances, secrets, apologies, flying robots, and explosions. Lots of explosions. Well, nobody ever said high school was easy.

The Story Thief by jazzypom

Artist: grand_duc
Summary: Tony finds himself awake in a jail cell, shackled to Loki. The most surprising thing, it’s not a Tuesday.
Pairings/Characters: Tony Stark, Loki Laufeyson, Steve Rogers, assorted Avengers.
Word Count: 11,000 words. No. Really.
A/N:The word ‘Brer’ or Br’ er is a shortened honorific for ‘brother’.
universe Marvel Adventures

Unraveling by shinysylver

Artist: cellia
Characters/Pairing: Steve/Tony with guest appearances by everybody
Rating (both art/fic): PG-13
Universe: Movieverse
Word Count: 6100
Warnings: References to possible pre-fic dubcon.
Summary: After it's revealed that Tony was replaced by a Skrull, Steve begins to question everything about their relationship, and the only person who can set things straight can't talk.

Waking the Dragon by tsukinofaerii

Artist: phoenixmetaphor (SFW, NSFW)
Rating (both art/fic): NC-17
Universe: Marvel 616 AU
Word Count: 72,812
Warnings: Major and Minor character deaths, graphic violence, sex
Summary:Since humanity first started spreading across the land, pushing dragons back by sheer numbers, tensions have been high between the species. War is nearly endless, and Prince Tony, the half-human heir of the dragons, is sick of it. When King Howard of the dragons is poisoned, the fate of everything sits in the balance. In desperation to save his own life and to prevent decades of fighting over the throne, Tony sets off to find a cure.
Down in the foothills, Legati Steven of the human army finds himself with a missing friend and assassin, a suspiciously cagy adviser to the ruler and a desperate need to be less interesting. In the interests of scuttling his own career, he starts on his own mission to find his answers. When he runs into Tony, they discover just how complicated things really are.

Wanted by flitter_and_fly

Artist: nix_this
Rating (both art/fic): R (for violence and injuries... nothing too graphic)
Universe: Moviesverse
Word Count: ~5,500
Warnings: Violence, Langauge, mostly Pre-Slash
Summary: When Captain America is found frozen in ice, not all is well. Body weak and heart frail, he is nowhere near the hero Nick Fury was expecting. To boost him into the man he is supposed to be, Fury steals one of Tony Stark’s back up arc reactors. As Steve gets both better and worse simultaneously, Tony sets out to confront SHIELD to save the once-hero from Fury’s overconfident mistake.

Master List 2013

The Adventures of an Intoxicated Billionaire, A.K.A. Tony Stark by Bobhasrainbowveins

Artist: Wiredoll
Rating (both art/fic): Art: G Fic: Mature (R)
Universe: MCU
Word Count: 6,314
Warnings: Brief mentions/suggestions of alcoholism
Summary: Tony is obscenely attracted to and obsessed with Steve. Steve's chest, his arms, his shoulders, all of his muscles. Though he is rather unwilling to admit his desires while sober, all bets are off when alcohol is involved. This isn't a story about Romeo sneaking off to see Juliet in the middle of the night. Rather, it's a story of Tony making bad decisions when he's drunk and Steve putting up with him until the very end.

Against the Run by Quaxo / mostepotente

Artist: Quietshade
Rating (both art/fic): G / PG-13
Universe: AU -- Football / Soccer
Word Count: 12,696
Warnings: Some homophobic language
Summary: Against the Run of Play: An unexpected goal scored by a team while their opponent was ‘running’ / controlling the field. Steve Rogers, captain of the United States Mens National Team, is prepping the team for the 2014 World Cup when a teammate's unexpected injury means a last minute replacement less than a month before the Cup. Tony Stark is suddenly back in Steve's life and he doesn't know how to deal with it. Coach Coulson swears that Stark is the key to getting them the Cup though, so Steve's going to suck it up for the good of the team. Tony Stark is returning to the USMNT after three years of trying to rehabilitate his reputation from the scandal that nearly destroyed his career before it had even started. He's got something to prove to the world and amends to make. Especially to his (hopefully not former) best friend Steve Rogers. A football / soccer AU for the novice fan.

An Agathokakological Mind by renai_chan18

Artist: kelly6ridge
Rating (both art/fic): G/NC-17
Word Count: 25,914
Warnings: Non-con/Rape, Dub-con, (Unrelated) Child endangerment
Summary:Tony would do anything to save his son. Including willingly walking into a trap, betraying his husband, and becoming a supervillain.
Fanart by Lienwyn. The second picture is the one which inspired the fanfic Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do and the other four are based on that story.

Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do by Copperbadge

Artist: Lienwyn
Rating (both art/fic): R
Universe: Alternate Universe (Prohibition)
Word Count: 34K
Warnings: Some mild era-specific *ism; internalized homophobia.
Summary: The year is 1930, Prohibition and the Depression are both in full swing, and Chicago Police Detective Steve Rogers has his hands full. There's a dead body on the banks of Lake Michigan, the entire city's legal system is corrupt, and the king gangster of the North Side, Tony Stark, has taken more than a passing interest in him.

Amor Fati by ashei

Artist: tripperfunster
Rating (both art/fic): G for art, PG-13 for fic
Universe: 616
Word Count: 15,712
Warnings: Temporary major character death
Summary: Tony Stark has always known what the words on his wrist are supposed to lead to. What he's never known is who the words are for. 616 soulmate AU. For those who are familiar with the canon (though I don't believe 616 knowledge is necessary), the fic mostly has references to Breakout (New Avengers v1), Execute Program (Iron Man v4), Civil War, and World's Most Wanted (Invincible Iron Man v1). It becomes canon-divergent post-Siege and does not include the events of Avengers Prime.

and the future before me by navaan

Artist: tardiscrash (Tumblr)
Rating (both art/fic): G(art)/PG-13
Universe: Marvel 616
Word Count: 13k
Warnings: Ehm... Comic book style pseudo science and hand-waving?
Summary: An alien crash lands on earth and needs help get back into space. Everything seems to be simple and easy for once. But when their guest is gone again – why does Steve start to have strange dreams about the future?

Apostate by tormentedeyes / captainschmoop

Artist: lei_sam
Rating (both art/fic): G for art, PG-13 for fic
Universe: 616 AU [Dragon Age AU]
Word Count: 9,463
Warnings: off screen, non-major character death; mild language
Summary: If someone had asked him a year ago if he had any intention of taking up the mantle of Viscount, Tony would have laughed in their face. Why would he want to deal with all the political bullshit that came with the title? Besides, why would anyone want to replace a Viscount who could handle not only the stubbornness of the Templars but the fickleness of the mages as well? And not just handle them but actually utilize their strengths! Starkhaven hadn't seen a time of peace and prosperity the likes of the last twelve years in decades. That all came to a halt, though, the moment a hot-headed Templar exposed Viscount Steven Rogers as a mage.

as they learn to see by often_adamanta

Artist: LP
Rating (both art/fic): PG
Universe: MCU, does not include IM3 canon
Word Count: ~11600
Warnings: None
Fic Summary: Tony stayed silent through her terse explanation, anger growing. When Natasha was finished, he asked, “So you’re telling me that Steve’s been missing for almost two months, most likely kidnapped by an unknown organization, a force which employs two brilliant but completely crazy scientists that hate Stark Industries because they were refused jobs on the basis of their psych evals, and I’m only hearing about this now?”

Beautiful Music by ivycross

Artist: greeneyedblackwolf
Rating (both art/fic): Art is rated g, Fic is rated pg-13 for sexual themes and language
Universe: MCU
Word Count: 8,514
Warnings: sexual Themes, Language, mentions of PTSD but nothing else
Summary: The last thing Tony expected to find at the hospital was Captain America playing the cello. Not that he is complaining.

Beckon Me Home[1] by winterstar95/dmk0064

Artist: wiredoll
Rating (both art/fic): G art; NC17 fic
Universe: MCU
Word Count: 40k
Warnings: PTSD, gun violence, blood, talk of war, depression
Summary: A change in circumstances switches the tables on Tony. When an assassination attempt leaves Steve debilitated, Tony is his only hope. In order to save Steve, he might very well have to suffer the same fate as Steve. A story about the paradox of love.

The Beginning is always today by marinarusalka

Artist: Royswordsman
Beta: muccamukk
Rating (both art/fic): PG
Universe: Marvel 616
Word Count: 18230
Warnings: None
Summary: After the siege of Asgard and the defeat of Norman Osborn, Steve is busy with his new duties and Tony is busy establishing Stark Resilient and working on the new Iron Man armor -- until Tony is accused of murder. Now Steve and Tony must work together to clear Tony's name. If only they can stop arguing for five minutes.

Booty by j_green_teeth

Artist: tripperfunster
Rating (both art/fic): Art - General Audience, Fic - Teen
Universe: MCU
Word Count: 7,208
Warnings: Nope
Summary: If there was one thing Steve didn’t expect from today, it was pirates.

By Laws of Time and Space Decay by horizon_labs & iron_amurrica

Artist: LP
Rating(both art/fic): pg13
Universe: MCU
Word Count: 24,066
Warnings: N/A
Summary:After a mission in South Africa goes horribly wrong, Tony is presumed dead, and Steve embarks on a mission to find the man who killed him and the cosmic cube that he took with him. Of course they're Avengers, and nothing--not revenge, not even death--is ever that simple.

Can't Take My Eyes Off You by EquinoxSolstice

Artist: Pinkelephant42
Rating (both art/fic): Teen
Universe: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Word Count: 15,741
Warnings: If fluff counts as a warning, then extreme fluff. Limited third person point of view.
Summary: Rule Number One in Stark Dating 101: he didn't. Ever. Despite having a reputation for getting any beautiful, sexy, eligible (questionable) woman into his bed in a span of five seconds anywhere from the United States of America and then some, Tony Stark never did the whole dating-slash-commitment scene. Captain Steven Grant Rogers, however, was a whole different ballgame. But Tony was confident, he would be just fine. If he could fly a nuke to an interdimensional portal then he could very damn well go on a first date with Steve Rogers. He could definitely handle this.

Captain Melancholia by everythingispoetry

Artist: gabbi
Rating (both art/fic): art G / fic PG
Universe: MCU
Word Count: 13,276
Warnings: mentions of torture
Summary: There’s someone else, someone hidden, also observing these people. Steve can feel it, even if no one else seems to. There is a constant weight on his back, as if an invisible hand on his shoulders. Someone is trying to take over the world and Steve seems to be the only one to realize but there is nothing he can do, so he leaves. A few weeks later Tony finds him in the middle of nowhere and says he has a plan.

The Chemistry of Love by inukagome15

Artist: horizon_labs (title page)
Rating (both art/fic): PG
Universe: MCU; also AU
Word Count: 9,879
Warnings: None
Summary: Chemistry: the science that deals with the composition and properties of substances and various elementary forms of matter. Or, alternatively, the interaction of one personality with another, e.g., Steve Rogers and his absolutely pathetic crush on his chemistry TA, Tony Stark.

Circulaire by gonetoarcadia

Artist: espadas
Rating (both art/fic): R
Universe: MCU (/MCU AU)
Word Count: 38,400
Warnings: Graphic violence, character death, language, implied sexual content
Summary: The world ends on a Wednesday. An anonymous invading force interested in nothing but destruction wipes out most of the world’s major urban centres within an hour. In the aftermath, with the few heroes left alive bitterly divided between moving forward or looking for a way back, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers set out to find out what happened, and make sure that it never does.

Dependence by del_rion

Artist: gabbi
Rating: art: G / fic: PG-13
Universe: The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes
Word Count: 22013
Characters: Steve Rogers (Captain America), Tony Stark (Iron Man).
Also: JARVIS, Pepper Potts. Small appearances from: Clint Barton (Hawkeye), Carol Danvers (Ms. Marvel), Henry “Hank” Pym (Ant-Man/Yellowjacket), James “Rhodey” Rhodes (War Machine), T’Challa (Black Panther), Janet van Dyne (Wasp), The Vision.
Warnings: Violence and injuries, language.
Summary: After Iron Man suffers a brain injury during a battle, a guilt-ridden Steve Rogers stops at nothing to help Tony survive the aftermath, determined to be there for his friend during the most challenging time of his life.

The Devil's Music by whizzy

Artist: tripperfunster
Rating (both art/fic): gen/teen
Universe: 616 AU
Word Count: 16k
Warnings: none
Summary: Tony Stark's future no longer exists -- which is why he has to save it.

The Ends Justifies the Means (Or So the Saying Goes) by AngeNoir

Artist: rascal paradyne
Rating (both art/fic): G for art, T for fic
Universe: AU movie!verse
Word Count: 15,493
Warnings: N/A
Summary: Steve Rogers wakes up and finds the world around him needs saving again. Director of SHIELD, Norman Osborn, is walking the line between human and superhuman, and Steve finds himself dragged into a battle where the enemy is public sentiment, and his best hope is an agent buried deep within SHIELD.

The End of the World As We Know It by Saklani

Artist: Sivi
Rating (both art/fic): PG
Universe: AU 616
Word Count: 5120
Warnings: Character death pre-story (not main)
Summary: After the plague has wiped out most humans, being Tony Stark just doesn’t have the same meaning anymore. But maybe that really doesn’t matter, when Steve Rogers is still Steve Rogers.

ever is a long time by inkingwhell

Artist: ashei
Rating (both art/fic): T for art, Explicit for fic
Universe: MCU/616 AU
Word Count: 16587
Warnings: brief thoughts of suicide, apocalyptic situations, reanimated dead, like one tiny line stolen from IM3 that if you haven’t seen the movie you won’t even catch and maybe not even if you have, descriptive gore, war violence, character deaths, incorrect medical terminology, creative license on locations/situations/translations, misleading names used in sex, questionable sexual consent (but not really), unsafe sex, mistaken identities, profanity, shooting of children and women, men, elderly (all whom are technically dead), shenanigans, shameless James Bond AU-ish
Summary: Perhaps in the world’s destruction it would be possible at last to see how it was made. Oceans, mountains. The ponderous counterspectacle of things ceasing to be. The sweeping waste, hydroptic and coldly secular. The silence. AKA: Zombie AU

For No Better Man by Valeria

Artist: ashei
Universe/Rating: 616 AU slightly mature rating
Warning: this is the zombiestory before it becomes a zombiestory (so not a whole lot of zombies)
Word Count: ~29,900 words
Summary: Steve brought the band back together, but the new Avengers are still not ready to trust each other. Meanwhile, somebody feeding SHIELD false information and when Tony Stark is pointed out as an antagonist, the ball starts rolling. Steve has limited time to sort out out the Avengers, SHIELD, Tony and possibly all of New York. He also has a strong belief that there is no such thing as zombies.

Full Disclosure by dragonofmemory

Artist: slashersivi
Rating (art/fic): G/PG-13
Universe: AU
Word Count: 8609
Warnings: Fic is PG-13 for language. Mention of injury but no graphic description.
Summary: Steve Rogers wants to know more about his best friend online, but Iron doesn't believe in full disclosure when it comes to his own weak points.

The Green Tie Affair by traincat

Artist: nerak_rose
Rating (both art/fic): (art) G, (fic) T
Universe: Marvel Adventures
Word Count: 8,000~
Warnings: No warnings apply
Summary: A cult kidnaps the Hulk. Steve and Tony go undercover to get him back.

Heaven's in Purgatory by KMYash

Artist: Phoenixmetaphor
Rating (both art/fic): PG15
Universe: AU
Word Count: 13k
Warnings: Some violence, non graphic loss of limb, slightly graphic description of post loss
Summary: Of course Tony would be the type of angel to get himself exiled from Heaven, that's a no brainer. He breaks the rules and abandons his duties and doesn't care. Except exile is painful and he's actually innocent of the crime they've accused him of. Well at least the people in Purgatory are nice. Even if some of them are demons. AU where Heaven is a city run by angels with two militant groups. One is the SWORD of heaven, led by the first angel Johann, and keeps the demons out of Heaven. The second is SHIELD which keeps the home front safe and is led by Steven. Tony just happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Hess v. Stark, et al. by Ellid/Gabbi

Artist: Gabbi
Rating: M for implied sexual content
Universe: MCU AU
Word Count: 12934
Warnings: none
Summary: Tony Stark inherited many things from his father: mechanical genius, a thriving company, piles of money, and a class action suit because dear ol' Dad never came through on that !#$@$!$! flying car. Little does he know that his current teammate and unacknowledged crush is one of the plaintiffs even though he was frozen in a plane crash at the time....

Hot Stuff by Professor_Fluffy

Artist: machienecalledman
Rating (both art/fic): Art: G Fic: Explicit / NC-17
Universe: Comics 616
Word Count: 9,547
Warnings: None
Summary: When Tony returned from Afghanistan, he sold his soul and became a devil. Now he has a tail. And horns. And claws. (This is a Devil AU that takes place in 616. All you really need to know is that it begins around Prime. (During Prime, Steve and Tony ended up in an alternate reality. Steve saved Tony, who was running naked through the woods at the time, by riding up on a stallion and defending him with a couple of swords like the total badass he is. Steve also made out with an elf lady in front of Tony and Thor. That’s about the only information you’ll need for this fic.) There is also a very brief mention of the Civil War, but nothing in depth.)

Incursion by scrtkpr

Artist: phoenixmetaphor (more)
Rating (both art/fic): Teen
Universe: primarily 616
Word Count: 22,600
Warnings: Character deaths set outside the timeframe and main universe of this story are referenced, but all characters who actually appear in the story are still alive and in generally better spirits by the end.
Summary: When Steve and Tony are taken down in the heart of Avengers Tower by alternate versions of themselves, their counterparts reveal a threat to both the foundations of the multiverse and to the foundations of Steve and Tony's friendship.

Just For Today by evilmissbecky

Artist: pinkelephant42
Rating (both art/fic): Art: PG-13, Fic: R
Universe: MCU
Word Count: 9,078
Warnings: None. Non-IM3 compliant. No spoilers here.
Summary: After Steve nearly dies beneath New York Harbor during a battle, Tony shares his own fears of drowning with him. Determined to find a way to put the fear behind them, Steve comes up with an idea. Just for today, they aren't going to be Iron Man and Captain America. Just for today, they aren't even going to be Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. Today, they are just going to be Tony and Steve.

Kingdom Come by sara_wolf

Artist: lei_sam
Rating: PG13
Characters/Pairings: pre-Steve/Tony (very pre at this point)
Warnings: character death, off-screen torture
Summary: After King Howard and Queen Maria are killed, the kingdom falls to their young son, Tony. But someone doesn't want the young prince to take his rightful throne.

Laughing With Me, Not At Me by anassa_anemou

Artist: derpkid/ironfries (Tumblr)
Rating (both art/fic): T overall
Universe: MCU
Word Count: 6088
Warnings: Mentions of alcohol abuse/alcoholism, homophobia, child abuse in fic.
Summary: When an accident splits Tony in two, Steve has to deal with a nice Tony and a angry one. The emotional rollercoaster only gets worse when he starts to think he may have feelings for the original Tony Stark and it isn't fucked up that he keeps on thinking about his abusive father?

let me be the one (who never leaves you all alone) by rakelnott / ohmyloki

Artist: lei_sam
Rating (both art/fic): Art: G, Fic: NC-17
Universe: MCU
Word Count: 11k
Warnings: None
Summary: Steve couldn’t pinpoint when it started, when he no longer saw Tony as just a teammate but a friend instead, nor when the warm glow of friendship started to shift and turn into something with a little more heat.

light of a dark black night by kellifer_fic

Artist: phoenixmetaphor (more)
Rating (both art/fic): PG
Universe: MCU
Word Count: 7,500
Warnings: Canon character death.
Summary: "You said that I was a good man," Tony says. It seemed a little odd at the time. Tony had been apologizing for hovering because most people were unsettled by the presence of Angels, fearing they were always on official business.
"What else?"
"I would say, of course I'm good, I'm a chosen representative of the Corporation."
"And, you would say, someday I would know the difference between what you said and what I thought it meant."

Looking Glass by sinuous_curve

Artist: phoenixmetaphor
Rating: Gen
Universe: Comics 616
Word Count: 6034
Warnings: Mild depictions of violence
Summary: “Evil alternate dimension counterparts!” Tony yells back, sprinting for the suit as Steve’s shield flies two inches behind his head. “Evil twins, okay! Evil twins that want to take over the world, I will explain later just take them down!”

Lost In A Sigh by whiskeydaisy

Artist: lutin
Rating (both art/fic): Teen
Universe: AU (MCU/616)
Word Count: ~8300
Warnings: contains jazz and baseball
Summary: When Steve Rogers left the Army, he swapped his captain's bars for an NYPD detective's badge. A chance meeting in the early months of 1947 brings back some old memories, as well as new opportunities.

Meant to Fly by mrhd

Artist: ambelie
Rating (both art/fic): G
Universe: AU MCU
Word Count: 7,069
Warnings: None
Summary: Steve wakes up with some extra heavenly aspects he didn't have before he went in the ice. Tony can't let him have all the fun.

Mirror Image by MK Yujji

Artist: hayatecrawford
Rating (both art/fic): PG for a little cursing
Universe: MCU
Word Count: 6,103
Warnings: n/a
Summary: Steve has a way of looking at Tony - like he expects someone else, someone better - that drives Tony crazy. And not in a good way, either.

Missing Rings by God of Laundry Baskets

Artist: Whippy (AO3)
Universe: Iron Man Noir
Pairings/Characters: Tony Stark/Steve Rogers
Rating: T
Warnings: There is a bit of torture near the end.
Word Count: 25,000
A/N: This takes place soon after the 2010 Iron Man Noir comic, but you can easily read the story without knowledge of that comic.
Summary: Tony Stark is throwing his farewell party before he goes off to the European front line, when he introduced to one retired Captain Steve Rogers. Steve enlists Tony's help in finding a set of missing rings that were stolen from the museum Steve works at, but not everyone wants the rings found.

Not Again by Duc

Artist: Katsumi / Lough-chan
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Universe: MCU
Word Count: 5480
Summary: I thought we agreed you needed to wean yourself off your dependency to your suits? You are not taking a 500 pounds (the suitcase armor only weighed about 125 pounds, thank you) weapon of mass destruction around to a business event. It’s a medical conference, Tony! What do you think is going to happen, Tony? Guess what happened?

Out of the Blue by tormentedeyes / captainschmoop

Artist: lickfoot
Rating (both art/fic): G for art; PG-13 for fic
Universe: MCU AU
Word Count: 8,590
Warnings: non-graphic loss of limb and mild language
Summary: Tony Stark has been obsessed with flying ever since a chance encounter when he was a child. He just never thought he'd be responsible for helping the reason for his obsession regain the power of flight.

Phantom by del_rion

Artist: gabbi
Rating: art: PG / fic: R
Universe: The Avengers (MCU)
Word Count: 28216
Characters: Bruce Banner (Hulk), Clint Barton (Hawkeye), Phil Coulson, Nick Fury, J.A.R.V.I.S., Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow), Steve Rogers (Captain America), Tony Stark (Iron Man), Thor.
Pairing: Steve/Tony
Warnings: Violence, language, some mildly sexual content between two male characters (m/m).
Summary: After Steve gets mysteriously possessed by dark magic, the Avengers must contain the situation and save their leader without losing their own lives in the process. Steve keeps escaping, however – and unerringly migrates towards Tony every time.

Play the Game by dante_s_hell

Artist: dr-kara
Rating (both art/fic): Art: PG, Fic: R
Universe: Movie Verse
Word Count: 11k
Warnings: None
Summary: The Avengers have just won the Eastern Division Championship and now they are striving toward their biggest goal yet, playing in the Super Bowl. But it's not the only important game in town. The stakes are higher than ever before, but Tony has never backed down from a challenge. He'll play the game and if he wins, it'll be the biggest moment of his life. He just hopes Steve plays to win as well.
Superhusbands/Stony - Actionsfigures, fanart by gabbi. Both Playtime by rosieknight and Therapeutic Guidelines by kellifer_fic are based on this image.

Playtime by Rosieknight

Artist: Gabbi
Rating (both art/fic): Art: G, Fic: PG
Universe: MCU
Word Count: 6,110
Warnings: Some cursing.
Summary: Steve and Tony test out Avengers merchandise.

Plunge by Kiyaar

Artist: marshyoftheblobs
Rating (both art/fic): R/NC-17
Universe: 616
Word Count: ~9000/~18000
Fic Summary: There are some things you just can't atone for.

Relativistic Heat Conduction by sakuratsukikage

Artist: TARDIScrash (see fic link)
Rating (fic): NC-17, (art:) G
Universe: Marvel 616, AU
Word Count: 69272
Warnings: Character Death (lots of it), Major Character Death, Temporary Character Death, Time Travel, Explicit Sexual Content, :Some Graphic Imagery, AU--Divergence from Canon
Summary: Age of Ultron-based, but not entirely canon compliant. Ultron has attacked, obliterating most of the world's superheroes and resistance in a matter of hours. The remaining heroes band together and share what strength they have to get through it, to survive, and defeat Ultron once and for all. Steve Rogers grieves in the wake of the disaster and the heroes' defeat, and no one knows if he will be able to provide the leadership they need--but Tony Stark isn't about to let him slip away that easily.

Sardines by misslucyjane

Artist: verilyvexed (additional art)
Rating (both art/fic): PG-13
Universe: MCU
Word Count: 12,900
Warnings: Memory loss, magic, mind games.
Summary: Things are missing. Pieces are gone. And Tony can't remember why.

Sensory Overload by gabe1990

Artist: LP
Rating (both art/fic): Mature
Universe: MCU
Word Count: 14,700
Warnings: Muteness, deafness, blindness
Fic Summary: It all happened so quickly. When Steve is taken by Hydra, Tony goes to all lengths he can to find his Captain again, but what can he do when Steve isn't returned in perfect condition?

The Seventh Dragon by forestgreen

Artist: seasaltpepper
Rating (both art/fic): GEN
Universe: MCU AU
Word Count: 12,013
Warnings: None
Summary: Yes, Steve was tolerated, needed even, but he wasn't one of them.

Snow White and Sleeping Beauty by Twill

Artist: Pinkelephant42
Rating (both art/fic): G for art/ M for fic
Universe: Iron Man: Armored Adventures
Word Count: 39702
Warnings: Mildly dubious consent toward the end of the fic
Fic Summary: When SHIELD falls to the machinations of a power-hungry general, Team Iron Man must rescue and revive one frozen Super Soldier. Of course, what happens after is an adventure all on its own.

Some Clever Lines to Says Ar by SarcasticBlurbs

Universe: MCU/616

Staring at the Sun by Snoozingkitten

Artist: ajamandtoast
Rating: Art: PG, Fic: NC-17
Universe: 616 AU
Word Count: 36,380
Warnings: Sex, violence
Summary: Steve is a man on the run from his past, unsure if he even wanted a future. Tony is a man with a dangerous secret. They meet like a train crash and then all bets are off; it’s all everyone can do to survive. Space AU. Western AU.

Steve and the Stalking Store art by V

Tags by hanyou-elf

Artist: Gabbi the Great and Powerful
Rating: Art:; Fic: R
Universe: MCU
Word Count: ~7,900
Warning: Language. The language IS derogatory and inflammatory. It’s intended to be insulting, and is unapologetic. i am not a person who holds them to be true, but given the bad guy that i’m using, it’s necessary that such language is used. Please be aware that there is homophobic slurs, racial slurs, and derogatory language. Past Bucky/Steve; and Tony/Steve pre-slash.
Summary: Steve is targeted by evil, and the results are painful.

A Tale of Two Gamers by settiai

Artist: saroux (Tumblr)
Rating: PG-13
Universe: Non-Superhero AU based on 616 and MCU characterizations
Word Count: ~8000 words
Warnings: Non-canon physical disability.
Summary: Saving the world of fake!Warcraft. That's what The Avengers do.

Tech Support by megyal

Artist: nyargles
Rating (both art/fic): PG
Universe: AU, kind of
Word Count: 6200
Warnings: There is a very light mention of Tony's PTSD (in the fic).
Summary: (Kind of AU in which Stark Industries doesn't exist (anymore) and S.H.I.E.L.D. is akin to MI6) Tony Stark's day job is resident genius. Since he has an entire computer system into himself as a remote operating system, his other day job is running S.H.I.E.L.D.'s R&D with Dr. Banner (BROS 4EVA), trying to make Director Fury cry (close, but no cigar) and flirting with All the Agents, All the Time. Agent Iceberg (AKA Super-perfect Super-soldier Double-Oh-Awesome Agent Rogers) is immune to many things, apparently, and Tony is one of them.

Therapeutic Guidelines by kellifer_fic

Artist: gabbi
Rating (both art/fic): PG
Universe: MCU
Word Count: 8,300
Warnings: None
Summary: "Are you suggesting I get a bunch of bunk beds in here and squeeze us all into one room?" Tony scoffs and the woman just looks at him. "No, wait-"

Tony Stark's Guide to Surviving Neverland by Professor_Fluffy

Artist: Wiredoll
Rating (both art/fic): Teen
Universe: MCU Peter Pan AU
Word Count: 6,451
Warnings: Some Language + Tink!Steve
Summary: When Loki finds out he's not invited to Disney World with the Avengers, he sends everyone on a one way trip to Neverland. Rule No. 1: Do not mock your fairy boyfriend, because Red Bull is not a feasible method of transportation in Neverland....
Traitor's Throne, art by dyingforheroism. The scene depicted happens at the end of the story when Tony faces the Avenger dragon he thought he killed and Steve's secret identiy is revealed.

Traitor's Throne by Cluegirl

Artist: Dyingforheroism
Rating (both art/fic): Teen
Universe: Fantasy AU
Word Count: 32,000
Warnings: Combat violence and some torture, but nothing excessively gory. Y'all saw worse in the movies.
Summary: The war is over, the invaders are defeated, and the Avenger is dead. A year later on, searching for absolution, Prince Anthony Stark makes a pilgrimage back to where it all began.

Two Stars, One Constellation by fandomfrolics

Artist: verilyvexed (additional art)
Rating (both art/fic): T
Universe: MCU up to Iron Man 2
Word Count: 25,589
Warnings: Alcohol abuse, mentions of off-screen character death, mentions of suicide.
Summary: He's hungover, or maybe even still a little drunk, and he has no idea where the hell he is - it's just a typical Tuesday morning for Tony Stark. Until he opens his eyes and finds himself face-to-face with Captain America, that is.

Underground by margo_kim

Artist: espadas
Rating (both art/fic): Teen
Universe: MCU
Word Count: 60,000
Warnings: Violence, character death, language, sexual content
Summary: Five years ago, Thor's Chitauri army decimated the Earth. Now what's left of humanity lives in bases under the Earth's surface, safe from the toxic atmosphere. Tony likes to think that humanity's adapted pretty well. After all, they have movie nights and dances; they're doing better than could be expected. But when he learns that the little world of safety and stability they've carved out is about to be slowly but surely destroyed, the New York Underground is left with only two options--fight or flight. Tony knows which one he wants. If only Steve weren't on the exact opposite side. Meanwhile, Natasha wants whatever option will save Clint, Pepper wants whatever option will save the base, Maria Hill wants whatever option will save everybody, and nobody's exactly sure who Loki's trying to save, but everyone's hoping it's more than just himself.

Unveil My Unsightly Heartby Mizzy

Artist: LP
Rating (both art/fic): Mature
Universe: MCU
Word Count: ~42,000
Warnings: "Minor character deaths. Go here to find out who only if you really need to. It sort of spoils the end, but if you're happier knowing, there's the link. Anxiety attack. Nightmares. Mentions of waterboarding and water-related trauma. Spoilers for Iron Man 3. Two tiny possible spoilers for Captain America 2 which are pretty common knowledge anyway, I think. Profanity. About a thousand dick jokes."
Summary: Looking over an old prototype helicarrier for its future viability as a base for the Avengers should have just been a routine day full of bickering and non-adventure for Steve Rogers and Tony Stark. But when they're catapulted into an alternate universe – where their alternate selves are married and battling with a mysterious threat – the two are forced to get over their differences in order to figure out what's going on, before it's too late. Because there's more going on than meets the eye, and Steve and Tony falling in love might just be the most dangerous thing that can happen. Not just for one universe, but for all of them… [Iron Man 3-compliant.]

Wanted: Dead or Alive. Preferably Dead. by moonliteknight

Artist: horizonlabs
Rating (both art/fic): PG
Universe: AU
Word Count: 8000
Warnings: None
Summary: Steve sets out to join the King's Guard and ends up making an ill advised deal with an enchantress, beating up the King's Army, becoming one of the most wanted criminals in the country, and falling kind of in love with a well known villain, though not necessarily in that order.

Weighing of the Heart by scifigrl47

Artist: lutin
Rating: PG-13 (art)/ Mature (fic)
Universe: AU
Word Count: 46,668
Warnings: Partial nudity (art);
Fic Summary: Steve Rogers hasn't really had a particularly easy life. He's struggled along, he's proud of himself, he's self-sufficient and capable and he works damn hard. He has friends and a purpose and he's only a few semesters from graduating college. He's managed, but his life has been far from easy. That's mostly because of a slight filing error. The last thing that Steve needed was someone to watch over him. The only thing that his Guardian Angel needs is a second chance to make a first impression.

Master List 2014

For I Am Crystal Chrome by iamshadow

Artist: kerosenesteve, kath_ballantyne
Rating (both art/fic): PG/Teen
Universe: MCU
Word Count: 8,116
Warnings:Short description of torture (canon), emotional and physical trauma, panic attacks, not Winter Soldier or Thor 2 compliant. For more detail about content, see the story notes.
Summary: “Don't touch that,” he forces out, his throat as rough as gravel. “Don't.”
“Okay,” the person says, and doesn't try to pull out of Tony's grasp. “Okay, I won't.”
Tony sucks in a sharp breath and opens his eyes. “You're American. The terrorists got you, too?”
The man he's holding on to is young, very young. He's slender and frail looking with a pale, wan face, and Tony would know him anywhere.
“Terrorists?” Steve Rogers asks, with confusion.
“Oh shit, I really am dead, and there's an afterlife, and it sucks,” Tony moans.

Chasing Shadows by iloome

Artist: with-extra-cheese
Rating (both art/fic): G for art, PG-13 for fic
Universe: 616
Word Count: 20k
Warnings: emotional abuse, alcohol abuse
Summary: Steve is still adjusting to the future. Tony hopes he is helping, but Steve's and Iron Man's morals might be too different for them to work together. Then Steve starts to act strangely, and all Tony can do is chase at shadows.

Five easy Rules by MystikSpiral

Rating (both art/fic):Teen/Explicit
Universe:Marvel 616
Word Count:8k
Summary:Rules were essential to any organization, as they kept business moving effortlessly. As bosses of their respective units, both Steve and Tony liked setting their own, mostly because they did not like following other people's rules. So when Steve said they should make a list of rules :that would apply to their undefined physical relationship, Tony was on board with the idea.

Darling, Keep the Lights On (Until I Get Home) by capsicleironman

Artist: Lets_call_me_Lily
Rating (both art/fic): Teen and Up Audiences
Universe: MCU
Word Count: 17,729
Warnings: No Warnings Apply
Summary: When Steve Rogers is awoken from the ice early, he is assigned as the personal assistant to Tony Stark, the man on TV with the strange glowing light in his chest. The plan was simple - protect and gain intel. It was supposed to be just another job, but then again, nothing in Steve's life has ever gone according to plan.

Amazing Perception by Morphia

Artist: Ninin (Art1 Art2 Art3)
Rating (both art/fic): Teen/Explicit
Universe: Ults/MCU
Word Count: 13304
Warnings: temporary major character death
Summary: A Hercules AU. Loosely follows the plot of the Disney Hercules, with some reference to mythology-Hercules.

Devil in the Deep by Neverever

Artist: Slashersivi
Rating (both art/fic): art-Teen; fic-NC-17
Universe: MCU
Word Count: 13,600
Warnings: none
Summary: Tony Stark is sure the rumors of a monster in Devil's Atolls are just fisherman's tales...

Sand, and Sea, and Air by cotton_socks

Artist: BatNeko
Rating (both art/fic): T
Universe: Movieverse Steampunk AU
Word Count: 10,906
Warnings: Canon character death, Comic book violence and medical situations, Victorian attitudes (but not homophobia)
Summary: In a time of adventurers and inventors and gothic monsters, Tony Stark of Stark & Son Manufacturing finds himself rescued from the desert by an extraordinary man… He later takes the opportunity to see naked ankle. (Movieverse Steampunk AU with some 616 elements)

The Crosses We Bear by aether_sprite (on LJ), AranthianPrincess (on AO3)

Artist: prompt_fills (Art1 Art2)
Rating (both art/fic): T
Universe: MCU with imported 616 element
Word Count: 14,924
Warnings: Major Character Death (they get better), references to Captain America: The Winter Soldier, excessive robot abuse, mentions of alcoholism (except not really)
Summary: Sometimes Tony wonders what his life would have been like if he had never gone to Afghanistan. It would certainly be a lot less exciting, for one. Probably a hell of a lot shorter too. The amount of people out for his blood wouldn't have changed any, though, which can't be a good thing.
Steve just wants to know why the hell Tony is being so difficult about letting his team protect him when there is a crazy ex-weapons manufacturer on the loose. Of course, Tony doesn't even seem to care and it frustrates Steve to no end.
These are simply the crosses they bear, but, somewhere down the road, they might even learn to share their burdens.

I Dream of Steve by wiredoll

Author: kellebelle
Rating: Fic-M, Art-PG (both art/fic)
Universe: MCU
Word Count: 12,695
Warnings: Mild violence, sex
Summary:Tony finds a bottle and a genie pops out of it. A genie named Steve. Sass ensues.

Guys and Dolls by cameron_mckell

Artist: allyoucaneater
Rating (both art/fic): T/PG-13; please see warnings, though.
Universe: MCU
Word Count: 7,548
Warnings: magical transformation, temporary amputation, nudity (dolls without clothes on, so open in public with your best judgement), very mild blood.
Summary: Tony's been kidnapped. While in the process of searching for him, Steve also gets kidnapped. Escaping turns out to be a... bigger problem than usual.

Got You Under My Skin by sakuratsukikage

Artist: wiredoll
Rating (both art/fic): Art-PG, Fic-NC:17
Universe: Marvel Ultimates (Earth-1610)
Word Count: 26,452
Warnings: explicit sexual content, anal sex, some alcohol consumption and references to alcoholism (but no drunkenness in the fic itself), implied/referenced homophobia and some internalized attitudes, some sexual inexperience (first time bottoming)
Summary: “I’d be happy to show you a good time,” Tony said, smiling a little obscurely, Steve thought, as if to himself, but still with that warm, knowing look, affectionate and oddly fond, “any time you want.”
Steve Rogers goes to Tony Stark's birthday party. Things progress from there, with a lot of flirtiness leading to propositions, and propositions leading to, well, what comes next, and Steve isn't even sure what he wants after that.

Oh, Purrfect (Or Alternatively "Damn it, Richards!") by inukagome15

Artist: Lough_chan (chibiesque on tumblr)
Rating (both art/fic): PG-13 for the story; G for the art
Universe: MCU
Word Count: 12,300
Warnings: Non-consensual body modification per Reed Richards's shenanigans, although it all works out
Summary: Of course it was all Richards's fault. If Tony can get through this with his dignity intact, then it's all good. What? No, he's not purring!

Knight of Heaven and King of Hell by AngeNoir

Artist: Fru
Rating (both art/fic): art: G; fic: E
Universe: MCU
Word Count: 14,347
Warnings: collaring, mild dub-con, seduction, manipulation, canon-typical violence, sex
Summary: When Steve accidentally confronts his target, Anthony, rogue angel who has turned demon and become a major pain in SHIELD's side, before he was ready, he expected Anthony to kill him.
He certainly didn't expect Anthony to capture him. Or to give him free reign of the mansion (even with a bodyguard). Or to get books and art supplies for Steve when he was bored.
Steve is a Knight of Heaven. Anthony is a demon. He shouldn't be conflicted like this.

Corrupting Light (For All Mankind) by often_adamanta

Artist: BeenAsleepFor70Years
Rating (both art/fic): PG-13
Universe: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Word Count: 7642
Warnings: N/A
Summary:“I’m beginning to appreciate how hard it would be to decide if I was acting erratically given… well, me. This is all shit I have totally pulled on a normal day. You know, before aliens invaded Manhattan.”
“It’d be easier now,” Steve explains with a smile, tracing out circles along Tony’s side, which Tony approves of. “I didn’t know you very well, though.”

war isn't coming (it's already here) (unfinishined) by agtwrites

Artist: rosenlight
Rating (both art/fic): PG-13 for fic
Universe: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Word Count: 3612
Warnings: N/A
Summary:In the 1940s, Steve Rogers fought the Horseman and tied their lives together.
Now, in the 21st century, the reality of what that means becomes startling obvious. An organisation called SHIELD was set up to prepare for when the time finally came, for when the Captain awoke, for when the Horseman returned.
Sleepy Hollow AU. Based on the TV series.

It's not perfect, but it's ours by fiftyshadesofstony

Artist: tripperfunster
Rating: Fic: Mature Art: Teen
Universe: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Word Count: 20800
Warnings: Date Rape Drug! Dub/con
Summary: After returning safely from his kidnapping in Afghanistan, Tony Stark decides to better the world through philanthropy. Little does he know, Steve Rogers, one of the winners of this year's Maria Stark Foundation grant, will change his life in a way he never thought possible.

Breathe and Release by Exfatalist

Artist: MachineCalledMan
Rating (both art/fic): T/E
Universe: 616
Word Count: ~16,000
Warnings: PTSD, PTSD recovery, chronic illness/injury, prescription drug use, implied/referenced substance abuse
Summary: Since being honorably discharged from the Army after an injury sustained while deployed in Afghanistan, Steve Rogers has found a new center of balance as a yoga instructor at a small Manhattan gym. It just stands to figure that one day media crisis-plagued billionaire Tony Stark would come waltzing in and throw everything off. As he guides his controversial new student on the journey to inner peace, Steve learns to deal with some negative energy of his own, and finds something unexpected on the way. [Non-Powered AU], Modern!Steve.

All That You Can't Leave Behind by missbecky

Artist: [2] shaliara
Rating (both art/fic): NC-17
Universe: 616
Word Count: 12,209
Warnings: Canon-level violence of the World War Hulk variety, AU Canon Divergence, Unreliable Narrator
Summary: Months after dying in the Civil War, Steve Rogers is alive and well and standing in Tony's living room. It's everything Tony ever hoped for.
If only he could convince himself that it's really happening.

Too perfect not to end the world navaan (LJ)

Artist: faviconDingobait
Rating (both art/fic): NC-17
Universe: 616
Word Count: ~21000
Warnings: Sexy times and comic appropriate violence
Summary: After Tony comes back from Mandarin City Steve had too much time to think about him and things between them. And it's time for things between them to change.

Historical Inaccuracies by winterstar

Artist: LePeru
Rating: PG13
Genre/Characters: Different realities merged, Tony/Steve, Tony/Bucky, Tony/Steve/Bucky, the gangs all here, plus the Norns, and Odin.
Word Count: 16k
Fandom: MCU, Captain America, Iron Man, The Avengers, Thor
Warnings: see tags for story
Summary: A history rewritten. As the Asset, the Winter Soldier has one mission: to kill Captain America. His first assassination attempt fails, and when it does all the threads of reality get tangled and knotted only to leave a mess of memories for Tony Stark: Iron Man, Bucky Barnes: Captain America, and Steve Rogers: the Winter Soldier.

these little earthquakes by singalellaby

Artist: royswordsman
Rating:(both art/fic):PG-13
Universe: AU
Word Count: 9302
Warnings: Kidnapping, off screen violence, the sort of language to be expected in a military AU
Summary: “Well,” Carol says brightly, “hopefully when we give them Howard Stark’s son back without them having to hand over the best weapon prospects the US has, they’ll forgive us for a little bit of rule-bending.”
“So long as we get Tony back, I don’t care about their forgiveness,” Steve says, and means it.

This Is Captain Handsome Here Ordering You To Rock'N Roll On That Forty Five by StarSpangledCap

Artist: Wiredollalchemist
Rating:(both art/fic):NC-17
Universe: 616
Word Count: 9333
Warnings: Lingerie, Underwear, girls clothes, womens clothes' cross dressing
Summary: Steve finds out he likes wearing women's clothes. Mostly lingerie, but he only does it in private. Only Bucky knew for the longest time until Tony found out in a more.. Intimate way. If that's how you call it. Was Steve happy about that? Not really. Would he be happy about it? Maybe. Finding out someone's deepest secret about themselves can be embarrassing. What you do to help them get over that embarrassment is what wins you the game.

(don't) want you gone by charon

Artist: firesion
Rating:(both art/fic):PG-17
Universe: mcu
Word Count: 14170
Warnings: Not Captain America: The Winter Soldier Compliant, Not Iron Man 3 Compliant, semi-AU in that it's a portal crossover
Summary: See, being Tony Stark is complicated. Though to be fair, Tony's the reason behind this more than half the time, and this is no exception.
In which there are misunderstandings, robots, explosions, mysterious disappearances and belatedly, cake. Though perhaps not entirely in that order.

A Perennial Blessing by Ellidfics (Ellid)

Artist: Shinkonokokoro
Rating (both art/fic): teen and up
Universe: Marvel 616 AU
Word Count: 13721
Warnings: Rule 63 Tony and Steve
Summary: Stephanie Rogers, Captain America, is the pride of Prescott College's 1940's WACS training. That's why they asked her to deliver their commencement speech, and why she said yes. So why is her girlfriend Tony Stark balking at going along? And will the whole thing fall apart when an accident causes Steph to revert to the scrawny artist she was seventy years ago?

The Sleeping Prince by peaceful_sands

Artist: kusuri (Art1 Art2)
Rating (both art/fic): PG-13
Universe: AU
Word Count: ~32,000
Warnings: Chapter 4 contains brief mentions of Clint's difficult childhood.
Summary:Crown Prince Anthony Stark was left injured and unconscious in the accident that killed his parents. Court Magician Yinsen and Major Rhodes of the Castle Guard had their suspicions about just how much of an accident it really was. It left them with a problem, how to protect the unconscious Prince until he can take the throne in his own right?
Steve Rogers, ex-Captain of the King's Army, had wandered the realm since leaving his post, fulfilling the duties that he believed he really signed up for. When he heard that Prince Anthony was in need of help, that was a call he could never ignore.

Buoyancy by shawarmababy/CapsicleRogers/commandersass

Artist: sconee/Sconeo
Rating (both art/fic):T/R
Universe: MCU/AU
Word Count: 17200
Warnings: No warnings.
Summary: Steve Rogers is the hottest lifeguard Tony has ever seen. So he manages to persuade Steve to give him personal swimming lessons in order to see him more, but Tony already knows how to swim. As time goes on, he becomes more and more interested in Steve, but he has to decide which is more important: keeping Steve as his pretend instructor, or telling him the truth and risking everything they've become beyond that.

falling for you by ohmyloki

Artist: wiredoll
Rating (both art/fic): Art: Teen; Fic: Explicit
Universe: MCU
Word Count: ~5300
Warnings: Temporary Character Death
Summary:He’s falling. He’s falling and his first thought is Tony will catch me before he remembers that Tony’s gone. Tony’s gone and Steve sent Thor away and there’s no way he’ll make it back in time.
Time slows down.
Steve closes his eyes.

The Sentimentality of Machinery by royswordsman

Artist: LePeru
Rating (both art/fic): N-17
Universe: AU
Word Count: 28587
Warnings: PTSD references, sexually explicit content
Summary: Tony Stark, director of SHIELD finds out that after all this time, SHIELD have been hiding a secret project from him and keeping Captain America under wraps. When he finds out that his hero is real, relationships are formed, but Tony's old friend gets extremely jealous of how close him and the Captain are getting.

Heaven's View (unfinishined) by moonliteknight

Artist: renai_chan
Rating (both art/fic): T
Universe: Fantasy AU
Word Count: 6000
Warnings: Character Death, Tony dies and becomes an angel at the beginning
Summary:"A fish may love a bird, signore, but where will they live?"
An AU in which Tony is an angel and Steve is a merman

The Heart of the Temple by Captainshellhead and Vibraniumstark

Artist: Nohaijiachi
Rating (both art/fic): T
Universe: Marvel Noir
Word Count: 18,506
Warnings: None
Summary: After an expedition to find an ancient relic goes awry, Tony finds himself magically bound to a Roman soldier who has spent the last two thousand years guarding the temple, and who is now bound to protect him from harm.
Stranger things have certainly happened, but Tony is having a hard time coming up with them now.

Intercorrelation stray_heart aka thyrza

Artist: Shio904 (unfinished)
Rating (both art/fic): Explicit
Universe: 616
Word Count: ~10,500
Warnings: Sexually explicit content, brief (canon-supported/implied) mentions of kidnapping and (super)human trafficking.
Summary: When extenuating circumstances bring an alternate universe's Avengers to their world, Steve and Tony find themselves getting up close and personal with the other Anthony Stark.

Connection Timeout, Error 616 by Housestarktech

Artist: shinkonokokoro
Rating (both art/fic): PG-13
Universe: 616
Word Count: 6100
Warnings: slight mention of offscreen suicide
Summary: Tony Stark is shot and killed on the courthouse steps at the trial of Captain America. Steve Rogers lives, in some form or another, through his mission.

You Decide. I'll Trust You. by avengercat/sayora347

Artist: LePeru
Rating (both art/fic): R/NC-17
Universe: 616 (ish)
Word Count: ~6500
Warnings: Sexually explicit content
Summary: Tony and Steve are in a relationship and have found a new way to achieve the stress relief they so desperately need.
To quote the words in the art: "I have things I want to do to you, spanking isn't one of them. " "First. You’ll wear this every day, you’ll keep it on all the time. I’ll be the only one in possession of a key to open it." "Yes."

A Time to Fly by MK_Yujji

Artist: BatNeko
Rating (both art/fic): G
Universe: MCU
Word Count: 3951
Warnings: None needed that I can tell
Summary: Steve doesn’t usually mind being Tony’s guinea pig. Especially not when it gives him chances like this. (If they could just stop pissing Pepper off, everything would be dandy.)

This Corrosion by kabal42

Artist: leperu
Rating (both art/fic): Suitable for all audiences
Universe: 616
Word Count: ~7400
Warnings: Captured superheroes, pre-slash/friendship fic, transgender character (FtM Tony), body dysphoria
Author's Notes: The fic is inspired by the art by and conversations with LePeru. Unfortunately, we have not been in touch lately, so any further editing of the image that LePeru might have wanted to make has not yet happened.I would like to thank CalvinaHobbes for sparring and betaing.
Summary: Shot down over the Indian Ocean, Steve and Tony finds themselves captive. With no clue who is holding them or where they are, they have to employ all their skills to get out of a very nasty situation.

But I'm Already There by Notevenwinded

Artist: Qouinette
Rating (both art/fic): Teen
Universe: 616/MCU
Word Count: 11,656
Warnings: Temporary Character Death
Summary: “I want you to keep your calm… I’m still trying to figure out what happened here…”, Reed warned Steve as the blond walked closer to the table.
Steve could feel his stomach tied in knots, an ominous feeling taking over him; whatever was hiding under that blanket, it sure wasn’t good. Taking a deep breath, he lifted the sheets, eyes widening in shock and disbelief.
Under the blanket, there was… Tony. Tony Stark was right there, battered up, bruised, beaten up bloody. His eyes were glassy, the once bright blue colour faded away.
“Is this… some kind of sick joke…?”, Steve asked between gritted teeth, feeling so close to throwing up, swallowing down heavy.
“This isn’t Tony. At least not the Tony that we…knew. He came through a portal, he must belong in a different dimension, but I don’t know why he appeared here from all places.”, Reed explained.

Concealed Weapons and Other Trade Secrets (unfinishined) by whizzy

artist: zombietonbo
rating (both art/fic): pg
universe: MCU AU
word Count: 17k+ (last chapter still to come)
warnings: minor violence
Summary: Tony could get used to the VIP treatment, especially when it included one handsome, blond, and rather accommodating bodyguard.

Master List 2015

Iron Man: Unavailable, Tony Stark: In Trouble by navaan

artist: Arukou
team masterpost
rating (both art/fic): General audience/Teen
universe: MCU/Canon Divergence AU
word Count: ~ 40 000
warnings: comic book style violence, mentions of torture
Summary: After what happened in New York the Avengers with the help of Tony Stark are trying to become more independent. The team has grown together and for Steve Iron Man is a big part of that, although he has some trouble getting along with his employer. Then Steve faces a bit of a mystery when Tony Stark gets kidnapped – and Iron Man, who is supposed to be the man's bodyguard when he's not an Avenger, is nowhere to be found.

Worthy by coffee_and_angst24

artist: onebilliondollarman
team masterpost
rating (both art/fic):Teen
universe: 616
word Count: ~7 000
Summary: Tony suffers from guilt and repressed feelings. Steve and him haven't quite gotten back to their past relationship after the War, barely functioning together in the Tower. Just has Steve goes to try to remedy that, a demon catches wind of Tony's repressed feelings and takes advantage.

Estelle of the Broken Lands by AnonEhouse

artist: teaberryblue
team masterpost
rating (both art/fic): Gen
universe: Mixture of MCU and 616 with fairy tale elements
word Count: ~12,500
warnings: Temporary Character Death
Summary: Prince Antoine (call me 'Tony'), Stark of Stark, is too busy being a playboy to care for the people of his kingdom. Estelle, 'just a girl from the Broken Lands', doesn't put up with bullies, even if they do wear a crown. With the help of her pet ferret, Bucky, and a man named Bearskin, she shows Tony the error of his ways.

Crucible by Arukou

artist: Musical Luna
team masterpost
rating (both art/fic): Fic: Explicit, Art: Teen and Up
universe: MCU
word Count: 56,034
warnings: Whump, Torture, Aftermath of Torture, PTSD, Non-consensual Medical Experimentation, Explicit Sexual Content, Touch Phobia
Summary: Held in the clutches of Hydra for five weeks, the Steve that the Avengers finally rescue is not the Steve they were expecting.

Perceptions of Light and Shadow by Winterstar

artist: Kelslk
team masterpost
rating (both art/fic): Teen/Explicit
universe: MCU
word Count: ~80k
warnings: angst, homophobic attitudes, abusive relationship, fluffy-sweet, non-powered, AU
Summary: Signing up for an art course had not been his intention at all. He’d gone into the building after something else entirely. And not the hot teacher, the other one, the one with the arm or lack of arm. Tony Stark might be a warmonger to the rest of the world, especially his soon to be father-in-law, Obadiah Stane, but his true heart lies in building, inventing, and helping others. After what he saw in Afghanistan he decides to change everything with his company and way of life. He wants to redirect the company into biotech, green energy, anything that will make the world a better place. So, walking into the little art school was only to find a way to talk with the disabled Vet, it wasn’t to sign up for an art class, and it sure had nothing to do with how hot the teacher was. After all, Tony Stark is engaged and about to be married to the love of his life, Ty Stane. Why would he care about a down on his luck art teacher, who is a single father, and who has a mysterious job at a downtown exclusive club? Nope, Tony is perfectly happy in his life…yep, perfectly happy. He just can’t figure out why he just signed up for art classes.

The Ransom of Tony Stark by antigrav_vector

artist: ssyn3
team masterpost
rating (both art/fic): Mature
universe: MCU
word Count: 16.406
warnings: torture, non-graphic violence, and whump; fic goes AU after IM3 and before Cap2
Summary: As tends to be the case with anything involving the Avengers, the day starts out routine, and rapidly goes sideways. This day is no different; What was supposed to be a routine recon mission suddenly turns into a rescue...

Modern Love by Neverever

artist: fictionforlife
team masterpost
rating (both art/fic): M
universe: MCU
word Count: ~15300
Summary: Tony drifts into a relationship with Steve after a one night stand. He thinks that Steve is modern and well adjusted to the 21st century but finds that Steve is old-fashioned in unexpected ways.

Latverian Interlude by marinarusalka

artist: StarSpangledCap
team masterpost
rating (both art/fic): PG-13
universe: MCU
word Count: 5799
Summary: In which Steve is grumpy, Victor von Doom may or may not be kinky, and Tony makes bad decisions when he's not wearing any pants.

A Fistful of Steves: This Town Ain't Big Enough by teaberryblue

artist: raikishi
team masterpost
rating (both art/fic): Teen
universe: Multiverse, focusing mostly on MCU, 616, and Ultimates
word Count: 33,143
Summary: When Tony Stark takes a bullet intended for Steve Rogers, he wakes up in a world entirely peopled by alternate incarnations of everyone's favorite Star-Spangled Man.
Welcome to Stevechester, Population: Steve

Your Device for Saving the World by wisia

artist: venvephe
team masterpost
rating (both art/fic): Teen
universe: MCU
word Count: 14,841
Summary: Steve struggles to adjust to the modern day after being defrosted in a world where Iron Man disappeared from the public a few months before his discovery. He is lonely and depressed until Natasha gives him a StarkPad. To Steve’s surprise, he finds a friend and a way to save the world through it.

Abduction! An Avengers Assemble Adventure by runningondreams

artist: ricochet
team masterpost
rating (both art/fic): Teen
universe: Avengers Assemble
word Count: 29 000
warnings: kidnapping, large bugs in an alien environment, comic book violence
Summary: Steve gets kidnapped by aliens. Tony does not approve.

True and Destined King by KagekaNecavi

artist: rosenlight
team masterpost
rating (both art/fic): Mature
universe: Fantasy AU based on 616
word Count: 20,379
warnings:Consensual sexual content, violence, language
Summary: Once upon a time an evil sorcerer took control of a peaceful and prosperous kingdom. Five years later, King Anthony is still waiting for his true love to release him from the spell trapping him and preventing him from retaking his kingdom and Steve is a soldier turned farmer, oblivious to just how important he is to the fate of his kingdom.

Casualties of War by TDaL

artist: Rai-Kishi
team masterpost
rating (both art/fic): Mature
universe: MCU
word Count: 56,175
warnings: Warnings: Emotional Manipulation, PTSD, Mentions of Panic Attacks, Blood and Gore, Disillusioned!Steve, Amibiguous/Open Ending, Unknown Character Fate.
Summary: The first thing he thought when he got the call was that he should have known. Now that he thought about it, a lot of it was making sense. All the pieces were coming together in a clear picture. Steve had used Tony’s willingness to help him along his way to figure out how to get away from everything. Tony had told him how to disappear and stay gone. He should have known.

Re-Take by inukagome15

artist: kakushimiko
team masterpost
rating (both art/fic): PG-13
universe: 616
word Count: 19,930
Summary: This shouldn't have happened. It wasn't supposed to be this way. Everything was wrong, and all he wanted was to make it right.

Because that was what they did.

Wolves in the World by ladyshadowdrake

artist: runningondreams
team masterpost
rating (both art/fic): Art: Gen Fic: Explicit
universe: MCU
word Count: 86,732
warnings: Canon appropriate violence/gore, sexual content, PTSD, discussions of (past) torture
Summary: In 1937, Tony Stark and the crew of The Iron Avenger fishes Revolutionary War hero Captain America out of the icy waters off the coast of Greenland. With war brewing in Europe, the crew of the Iron Avenger will face magical hazards, cunning assassins and more on their quest for a centuries-old magical artifact.

What If You're What I Need by yohkobennington

artist: sorellaerba
team masterpost
rating (both art/fic): NC17
universe: AU
word Count: ~ 7000
warnings: Underage.
Summary: Steve and Tony don't get along, or so it seems. But after getting in trouble and having to spend some time together, things change for the best.

The Blade's Edge by teyke

artist: shinkonokokoro
team masterpost
rating (both art/fic): art - general audience / fic - explicit
universe: AU, 616
word Count: ~ 16 400
Summary: Steve/Tony/Rumiko, Steve has spent the last year searching out a certain legendary swordsmith. Tony has spent the last year drinking, gambling, and trying to forget everything he ever knew of swords.

Breaker of Horses by sineala

artist: karadin
team masterpost
rating (both art/fic): Teen
universe: 616 (AU)
word Count: 47,943
Summary: What do you do when the Roman Empire you were raised to love consigns you to the sands of the arena? Antonius is a prince of the Dacians, captured in war and sold as a gladiator. He yearns for his freedom. Stephanos -- the last living centaur -- is his fellow slave and trainer. Centuries old, disillusioned by a Rome that has become a shadow of itself, Stephanos has all but given up on life... until he meets Antonius, and both of their lives are forever changed.

Hey Stranger (Dear Mystery Writer) by aether_sprite

artist: [alby_mangroves]
team masterpost
rating (both art/fic): PG-13
universe: MCU
word Count: 17,500
Summary: After Pepper breaks up with Tony he starts writing a journal that somehow turns into finding an anonymous pen pal. Meanwhile, Steve finds himself homeless and standing on Tony Stark's doorstep. After that, they both need all the help they can get.

In a Land of Shadow by Bragi151

artist: LePeru
team masterpost
rating (both art/fic): PG-13
universe: MCU - AU
word Count: 11,348
warnings: Potential Depression Triggers, Character Death (Complicated)
Summary: Steve Rogers has woken up in a post apocalyptic Earth with no memory of how he got there. Guided by the ghost of Tony Stark, Steve finds his way through the wasteland to try and fix his world, or at least stop other worlds from meeting a similar fate. At least, that's who he thinks is guiding him and what he thinks he's doing. Steve isn't quite sure himself.

Formerly by laireshi

artist: runningondreams
team masterpost
rating (both art/fic): Teen
universe: 616
word Count: ~13k
Summary: A week ago, he touched Steve at night. A week ago, he kissed him. A week ago, Steve kissed him back. (A week ago Steve was dead, and Tony deleted his brain.)

For Two Months Rest by Wisia

artist: Lets_Call_Me_Lily
team masterpost
rating (both art/fic): Teen
universe: MCU, Noir, Comics
word Count: ~23 800
warnings: Profanity
Summary: When Nicholas Fury calls, Tony Stark of Marvel believes he’s getting a fine deal for once. Two months of rest in exchange for finding a cube is nothing compared to his many dangerous adventures. However, it is never quite as simple as that, and the addition of Steve Rogers only complicates the matter. Both in task and heart.

Here Be Dragons by Memory Dragon

artist: Inoshi
team masterpost
rating (both art/fic): Teen
universe: Iron Man Noir
word Count: 67,976
warnings: Temporary Character Death
Summary: Tony Stark has come far from his adventures with Marvels, fighting the long War with no end in sight. When he's shot from the sky, he finds himself in an underground utopia and a city of dragons. One dragon in particular reminds Tony of what it's like to live again, but can he save the city from the monster that lurk below and above?

To Dwell on Dreams by fandomfrolics

artist: sleepawaythetroubles
team masterpost
rating (both art/fic): Mature
universe: MCU AU with references to early 616 canon
word Count: 12178
warnings: References to past substance abuse
Summary: A series of increasingly vivid dreams prompt Tony Stark to move back to New York City after ten years, much to the excitement of the press. Steve Rogers, ex-soldier and popular political cartoonist, is not quite as thrilled. After he publishes an unflattering cartoon of the reclusive billionaire, he's granted exclusive access to do an in-depth piece on the person nobody's heard from in the last ten years.

Lucky Break by sakuratsukikage

artist: shaliara
team masterpost
rating (both art/fic): Mature
universe: 616
word Count: 71,879
warnings: Torture and the aftermath of it, blood, injury, some violence (it’s canon-typical but the torture is dwelled on in a little more depth than is typical for canon), sexual references to both consensual and non consensual sex, homophobic language, derogatory language, slurs, homophobia, sexist language, slut shaming language, elements of rape/non con, threats of rape/non-con though no actual rape occurs, non-consensual touching, non-consensual groping, hurt/comfort, established relationship
Summary: Steve and Tony haven’t been together long–they just started dating after putting the team back together in the form of the New Avengers. When the Red Skull finds out about their relationship, though, he takes it personally. Aiming to make an example of them and insulted by Steve taking up with a man, he takes them prisoner, and proceeds to try and break them. It doesn’t exactly go as planned.

Beside You in Time by kiyaar

artist: shaliara
team masterpost
rating (both art/fic): Explicit (story) / Gen (art)
universe: 616
word Count: 37,140
warnings: fairly graphic violence, character death, though EMPHATICALLY NOT A DEATHFIC.
Summary: THE WORLD IS ENDING; Tony is losing his shit. Steve makes an unthinkable decision in a last-ditch effort to save them both, but it comes with ramifications neither of them could have predicted. Includes: time travel, Infinity gems, bad decisions, and fraught, unhappy sex. Canon-divergent AU from Avengers #44.

Project Flag Bearer by ann2who

artist: Wiredoll
team masterpost
rating (both art/fic): Explicit (story) / Gen (art)
universe: MCU
word Count: 27.791
Summary: {FLAG-BEAR•ER /flæg-bɛrər/ noun | a person who carries the flag of a unit, regiment, or army. It is viewed as a great honor, signaling courage, persistence and unity.}
Tony’s decision to never step up as Iron Man again had been final. He’d destroyed his suits in a spectacular firework display, moved to New York and once more took up his role as a consultant. However, from the moment Steve and Natasha had decided to rearrange the odds and convince everybody to move into Stark Tower, a sense of inevitability seemed to follow him wherever he went.
When signs of an uprising robot-army appear, Tony finds himself in a crisis of faith; the better angels of his conscience battling with his decision to resign from the superhero business once and for all. And the fact that Steve was taking the whole ‘Living American Flag’ metaphor a bit too serious, letting the Avengers carry him around battlefield like some goddamn battle standard, wasn’t exactly helping Tony’s dilemma, either. He hated seeing Steve in danger—hated that it wasn’t him holding the super soldier in his arms. The initiation of ‘Project Flag-Bearer’ had been a safety measure, but in hindsight, Tony might as well have called it a declaration of love.

The Road to the Grail is Paved With Hermits by Lenalena (Sergio)

artist: Ellid
team masterpost
rating (both art/fic): Explicit
universe: MCU
word Count: 55,240
Summary: Steve is stuck in the Middle Ages and he is desperately waiting for the other Avengers to rescue him. After more than a year, he hears about a red and gold flying demon that has challenged all King Arthur's knight to seek him out. He realizes Tony has finally come for him. Now all he needs to do is find the man and get out of this place. Simple, right?

The Mirrorscape by avengercat

artist: xanehawk
team masterpost
rating (both art/fic): General/Teen And Up
universe: 616
word Count: 42695
warnings: tiny references to past alcoholism and minor gore
Summary: In the aftermath of Civil War, Tony begins dreaming of a mirror with which he can talk to Steve. There's no way that it's really his Steve though, right? Steve's dead, isn't he? Meanwhile, Red Skull and the Mandarin work on their dastardly plots.

Master List 2016


ARTWORK by phoenixmetaphor
Wet Whiskers by antigrav_vector
rating (both art/fic): Teen
universe: Silver Age 616
word Count: 6971
warnings: None
Summary: When Iron Man is hit by a stray spell and latches onto Steve for the duration... well. Things happen.
Mostly fluff. Fluff happens.
And some identity porn.


ARTWORK by Stitchyarts
The Invisible Iron Man by AnonEhouse
rating (both art/fic): Teen
universe: MCU
word Count: ~24,000
warnings: none
Summary: Due to a lab accident Tony becomes an Eccentric Billionaire Hermit Philanthropist in Iron Man 2, joins the Avengers and becomes good friends with Steve without ever meeting him face to face.


ARTWORK by Angel (embedded in fics)
Ice Ice Baby (Too Cold) by orbingarrow
rating (both art/fic): General Audiences
universe: AU
word Count: 11,600
warnings: Swear words, Steve is outed without his permission (before he meets Tony)
Summary: Tony Stark is a star center, sidelined by a slip in sobriety. Steve Rogers is a goalie, suspended for a punch thrown off the ice.
When the two meet, they're both trying to get their lives back on track, both off and on the ice. It turns out, the saying is true: A burden shared is a burdened halved. At least until Howard Stark gets involved.
(A get together fic full of fluff, supportive friends, dad Rhodey, and hockey! But if you know nothing about hockey, you'll be fine, because neither does the author.)
No time for losers by gottalovev
rating (both art/fic): Mature
universe: AU
word Count: 25,000
warnings: Underage drinking by USA laws
Summary: Tony Stark: Playboy. Millionaire. Philanthropist. Hockey superstar.
(featuring among other things an unexpected trade, learning to get along with new teammates, pining, the Olympics, and a happy ever after)


ARTWORK by redpepperink
See You On A Dark Night by ironforgedx
rating (both art/fic): Teen And Up Audiences
universe: MCU, 616, ambiguous
word Count: 15,846
warnings: Dubious Consent; witholding information from partner
Summary: An It Follows AU. One lonely evening, Tony runs into an old friend. What happens the next morning tests his grip on reality in a way that even a futurist couldn't have predicted.


ARTWORK by takkun
Astrophile: A Tale of Two Opposites by arh_581958
rating (both art/fic): Art [G] & Fic [NC-17]
universe: Avengers Academy
word Count: 51,593
warnings: very tiny dub-con (somnophilia) near the end after they get
Summary: Tony Stark and Steve Rogers couldn't be any more different;
Billionaire Inventor Tony Stark enters the Avengers Academy in the middle of the year, and his reputation as a rich boy precedes him. Rumor has it that his special admission is due to his father donating an entire tower.
Council President Steve Rogers came from a military family, ans isn't too happy about the new transfer student creating a ruckus in his school. He's got his mark on Tony from the very first time they meet.
A love for stars starts bringing them together.


ARTWORK by crilovespies
These Dotted Lines by yohkobennington
rating (both art/fic): R
universe: 616 AU
word Count: 10k+
warnings: none
Summary: Steve and Tony get trapped underground after been attacked during a mission. In there, battered and without communication with the rest of the team, they have to find a way out. Between fighting new enemies and almost dying, feelings they were keeping from each other come afloat and their lives are changed forever.


ARTWORK by ellid
The King in the Tower by aether_sprite
rating (both art/fic): Art: G, Fic: T
universe: MCU AU
word Count: ~11,300
warnings: Attempted murder of children, time travel, medieval England, 15th century
Summary: Instead of spending seventy years trapped in ice, Steve finds himself suddenly in the distant past where he meets a boy king and a charming man from the not-so-distant future. Together they go on an adventure intimately entwined with one of England's most enduring mysteries.


ARTWORK #1 and ARTWORK #2 by Fictionforlife
The Bloodstone Odyssey by teaberryblue
rating (both art/fic): PG
universe: Iron Man Noir
word Count: 35,698
warnings: Canon-typical violence, Minor and Moderate Injuries, Arc Reactor Issues, Enclosed Spaces, Restraints
Summary: The year is 1940. In the middle of the Blitz, Tony Stark and Pepper Potts set out to London to recover Howard Stark's lost work. But it turns out that they're not the only ones hunting for it. Tony finds himself contending with Nazis, crooks, and perhaps his most formidable adversary yet: a scrawny, asthmatic, bullheaded kid named Steve Rogers.
War at Home (A Tony Stark Adventure Featuring Iron Man & Pepper) by navaan
rating (both art/fic): G & Mature
universe: Iron Man Noir
word Count: ~ 16 000
warnings: does outragous flirting need a warning?
Summary: The war is on, but Europe is far away. Nazi spies have found their way to New York City and are making trouble. Most of all thoguh they are after their sworn enemy, Tony Stark. Pepper is going through some special training at a secret army training camp, so they'll finally be allowed to join the action in Europe. Meanwhile Tony is playing a dangerous game to draw out his enemies. But his enemies aren't the only ones watching.


ARTWORK by Mr. Domon
Before the Darkness Swallows You by veldeia
rating (both art/fic):
universe: 616
word Count: 30 838
warnings: Blood, violence and multiple temporary character deaths
Summary: Steve was gone.
Tony was all alone in the dark, the blackness of the damp, rock-walled corridor only occasionally broken by the fluttering fluorescent lamps in the ceiling.
He wasn’t afraid of the dark. An abandoned mine was by no means the scariest environment he’d ended up in. Still, he’d have been crazy not to be afraid of what lurked in these shadows.


ARTWORK by MassiveSpaceWren
This Thing of Darkness by Mizzy
rating (both art/fic): Teen and Up
universe: X-Factor #231 AU
word Count: 18 500
warnings: Mass Death, Past Character Death, Minor Character Death, Torture, Body Dysphoria, Mild Body Horror.
Summary: It's been five years since it happened, but Deathlok has spent every day since M-Day wishing he was less human, so going undercover as a human in order to find more humans to slaughter…? It's tough, but Deathlok agrees to do it. The target is Pandora, a base that Deathlok thought was just a rumor, the biggest undercover human resistance camp in the world.
The mission turns out to be tougher than Deathlok expects, though, because the leader of the ragtag resistance camp is Tony Stark. Tony, who always has more than one ace up his sleeve. Tony, who Deathlok used to know. Tony, who refuses to call him anything but by his disgusting human name: Steve.


The White Star of Liberty by Ellid
rating (both art/fic): Teen and Up
universe: 616 AU (French Revolution)
word Count: 21,182
warnings: References to the Reign of Terror, Guillotines, period-typical racial and religious attitudes
Summary: Paris in 1793 is a dangerous place, even for Americans. So why has Anthony Stark, hero of the American Revolution, risked his life to visit a man under suspicion of treason? What does the mysterious African country of Ouqanda to do with the French chemist Lavoisier? Who is the tall, quiet, fair-haired officer who guards the American Legation, and what has he to do with the sudden disappearances of prisoners? And what secret from years past threatens Anthony himself?
Anthony Stark does not know the answers to these questions, but he is determined to find matter the cost.
Note: This is a Scarlet Pimpernel/French Revolution AU, written in the style of Baroness Orczy and other early 20th century adventure authors. It was inspired by Woad's glorious art (see below), and there are plenty of references to the Reign of Terror as well as occasional use of then-acceptable racial and religious terms.


ARTWORK by Massive Space Wren
The Devil's Strand by Woad
rating (both art/fic): M
universe: 616 Mob AU
word Count: ~40,000
warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Minor Character Death, Period-Typical Racism, Period-Typical Homophobia, implied Domestic Violence, mentioned Child Abuse, Home Invasion
Summary: 1940. Steve Rogers just wants to serve his country, but with a dead man’s name on his wrist the army will never take him. Soulmate marks can be removed, but so-called cures have already landed Steve in debt with the wrong sort of people, and it's hard enough to make ends meet waiting tables.
With a bad heart, Tony Stark, a capo in his father's mob, never dreamed he would serve his country. But when a ship sinks under mysterious circumstances, a special division of Navy Intelligence calls on Tony for his connections. He's never liked the family business, but he thinks maybe, just this once, he can manage to use it for good.
They meet by chance once night, when Steve knows him as only "Tony." But after Steve is pulled into mob business and meets the capo, their relationship becomes much more complicated.
the moment of truth in your lies by SailorChibi
rating (both art/fic): T
universe: MCU Mob AU
word Count: ~7900
warnings: Mild torture, Temporary Character Death (kinda)
Summary: Being in the army and being an Enforcer for the Stark family are two completely different things. Steve is good at both.
Turns out he's already really good at falling for Iron Man even though he has no idea who Iron Man really is.


ARTWORK by sleepyoceanprince
we don't make mistakes (just happy little accidents) by bluesheets
rating (both art/fic): Teen and Up
universe: MCU, ambiguous
word Count: ~5000
warnings: Brief mention of alcoholism
Summary: In the end, all it took was faith, trust and a potato.


ARTWORK by KakushiMiko (embedded in fic)
Love's Keen Edge by Bragi151
rating (both art/fic): Teen and Up
universe: MCU
word Count: ~17k
warnings: Canon Typical Violence; Mind Control; Partial Mind Control
Summary: When Tony Stark is stabbed outside of Ikebukuro Station in Japan, Steve decides it's high time that he ups his game when it comes to wooing Iron Man. Of course, trying to find out why Hydra is going undergtround and looking for, and eventually finding, Bucky, to say nothing of Tony's own work pushing back against anti Super Human sentiment, makes that somewhat more difficult. And then there's the new vigilante turned supervillain running around, only known as the Slasher.


ARTWORK by Selofain
If we never get back home by dapperanachronism
rating (both art/fic):
universe: MCU
word Count: 20845
Summary: "Welp, we're lost, Jarvis's has got nothing and the only thing I see is that tower over there." Tony gestured over towards the horizon.
"Well, let's go check it out." Steve responded. Because of course, never in the history of ever has anything bad happened after those words, right?
Now Press Repeat by stormfirej
rating (both art/fic): General Audiences
universe: MCU
word Count: 10704
warnings: Temporary character death
Summary: The days pass in the exact same manner. They go out into the woods and hunt, Steve finds katniss tubers and wild berries and Tony thanks god that Steve is with him because he might have gone crazy without him.
It has been about two weeks of this, and they’d grown more comfortable in each other’s presence. Before, Steve was always this god, so full of light and good that Tony couldn’t bear to look at him, let alone touch him, for fear of leaving a stain on his innocence. But he’d always appreciated Steve’s face. It was so nice, and different now, with the blonde hair dripping into his eyes and the stubble, since they were shaving with a rudimentary knife.
Tony didn't know being displaced in time could be so hot.
The face with stubble and long hair- Tony had trained himself not to blush every time Steve so much so as looked at him.


ARTWORK by krusca
A Gentle Lullaby by navaan
rating (both art/fic): G/Explicit
universe: Marvel Ultimates
word Count: ~ 45 000
warnings: discussion of medical procedures, comic book violence and implied child abuse (mostly set to happen before the fic starts) - This story is loosely set after Ultimate Comics Ultimates #30 - which is a warning in and onto itself - and blissfully pretends that Cataclysm doesn't happen right on the heels of that and diverges a bit from there. ;) what's Cataclysm again??
Summary: They, all of them, are mortal and sometimes their brushes with death bring them closer to it than other people ever get. Fighting is what they do. But fighting for other people's survival without a thought to your own safety is easy when you're not leaving someone behind. Good then, that they don't have any families left... Until Hydra drops a new bundle of responsibility right in their laps. But that might not even be their biggest problem.


ARTWORK by phoenixmetaphor
Living on Your Breath by sineala
rating (both art/fic): Explicit
universe: 616
word Count: ~110k
warnings: Violence
Summary: The Avengers have faced Onslaught and come home. The team has assembled again. And Steve is finally together with Tony. They're in love. Everything is perfect. But this happiness is all too brief, as Tony is kidnapped by forces unknown. Steve rushes off to rescue Tony, only to find that Tony has been brainwashed and turned against him. Now Steve, captured and tortured by the man he loves, must sacrifice everything he has to stop Tony from becoming a monster. Their relationship will never be the same again... if they both get out of here alive.
Take My Body Home by kiyaar
rating (both art/fic): Explicit
universe: 616
word Count: ~11k
warnings: Graphic Violence, Rape/Non-con
Summary: After the events of Superior Iron Man, Tony sells a weaponized version of Extremis to the highest bidder and finds himself living as an expatriate in Russia. Steve's never been good at letting go.


ARTWORK by ranoutofrun
Things That We Could Be by KagekaNecavi
rating (both art/fic): Mature
universe: 616/Secret Wars Civil War
word Count: 17445
warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Summary: In his spare time between releasing Extremis in San Francisco and building the Sol’s Hammer, Tony has managed to create an escape from the incursions in the form of a device that will pull people towards their alternate universe selves. The catch is it will only take two people, and only if they’re in physical proximity. Fortunately at the end of all things Steve comes to beat the shit out of him.
Changes on our hands and on our faces by laireshi
rating (both art/fic): Teen
universe: 616/Secret Wars Civil War
word Count: 17617
warnings: warnings include spoilers for the fic - see fic notes
Summary: In the wake of the incursions, Steve and Tony face the end of the world together. They wake up separate, each of them faced with a version of the other they haven't met before.
It might be a recipe for disaster, or it might just help them solve their issues.


ARTWORK by Arctua
The King and the Blacksmith by Neverever
rating (both art/fic): T
universe: 616
word Count: approx. 16700
warnings: No warnings apply
Summary: King Steven of York becomes friends with Tony, a refugee with a mysterious past. Tony hides his inheritance as a Dragonlord yet wants to help his friend the King. Steve is falling for the blue-eyed man but has to fight off Hydra invaders, leaving him little time for love. Can they find a happy ending together despite a war and secrets?


ARTWORK #1 and ARTWORK #2 by MusicalLuna
A Cabin in the Woods by Nightwalker
rating (both art/fic): E
universe: MCU
word Count: 26K
warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply, Canon-Typical Violence
Summary: It was supposed to be a relaxing vacation, a chance for them to spend some time as a couple and work out some of the kinks in their relationship. That was before everything got weird.
Out of Many Waters by Arukou
rating (both art/fic): T
universe: MCU
word Count: 43K
warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply, Canon-Typical Violence, Non-Consensual Medical Procedures and Dub-Con Kissing
Summary: A freak accident sends Tony and Steve hurtling onto an alien planet. They've only each other for survival, and both have an unfortunate tendency towards monumentally stupid self-sacrifice.


ARTWORK by teaberryblue
Somehow we Always End Up Here by viennasunrise
rating (both art/fic): Teen
universe: Avengers Assemble
word Count: 9658
warnings: N/A
Summary:“The test results have finished, sir.”
“Volume, J,” Tony said, wincing at the sound. Maybe things were a lot worse than he realised if listening to JARVIS was going to exacerbate his headache.
“My apologies, sir,” JARVIS said softly, “You appear to be suffering from an unintended side effect of the Power Cosmic. I cannot isolate the virus but it seems to be attacking your circulatory system, sir.”
Tony groaned. The news wasn’t entirely unexpected; given his symptoms it made perfect sense that whatever it was, was going to attack his weakest point. If you thought about it, it was the perfect bookend to his tenure as Iron Man. The heart condition he suffered post-Afghanistan made him Iron Man and being Iron Man ultimately gave him a lovely new heart condition he wasn’t sure he could cure. He leaned forward, suddenly overwhelmed with the weight of it all, and dropped his head into his hands.
“At its current rate your heart will be unable to survive longer than six months."
On The Yearning for War and War's Ending by TheLiterator
rating (both art/fic): Teen
universe: Ultimates
word Count: 5037
warnings: Implied Partner Betrayal, PTSD, Drunkenness
Summary: Steve Rogers is moving on, and it hurts more than he'll ever admit.


ARTWORK by ssyn3
Crescendo by winterstar95
rating (both art/fic): Explicit
universe: MCU
word Count: 109k+
warnings: angst, PTSD, abusive relationship (not Steve/Tony), violence, alcoholism, homophobia, period typical discrimination, period typical racial discrimination, poorly written musical lyrics (by winterstar95)
Summary: 1949- World War II ended and all the boys came home heroes, except for Tony Stark. After the war, Tony returned Stateside disgraced because his plane went down and his father traded secrets with Imperial Japan to gain his freedom. Once he dreamed of going to Hollywood and becoming a star, now he’s stuck singing in a club run by Victor von Doom – the same man he used to (and maybe still does) have a relationship. Victor protects him when the committee on un-American activities threatens, so he owes the man his life and his soul. But then one day a war hero walks into the club and starts to ask questions. Steve Rogers, with his earnest eyes and his honest expression, draws Tony like a moth to the proverbial flame. But Steve - the war hero - has secrets of his own, and when their two worlds collide – well, it just might be the death of both of them.


ARTWORK by a_sparrows_fall
Never for the Dragon by Ladyshadowdrake
rating (both art/fic): Mature
universe: MCU, 616
word Count: 89,001
warnings: captivity, voluntary medical experimentation
Summary: On what should be a routine mission to disable an abandoned Hydra base, Steve is captured by persons unknown. Getting him back should have been the hard part, but that’s just the beginning of a new danger facing the planet.


ARTWORK by elphiethesane
The Library at Fifth Avenue by wisia/wisiaden
rating (both art/fic): T
universe: MCU
word Count: ~13,600
warnings: PTSD, Anxiety Attacks, Depression, Implied alcoholism/alcohol abuse
Summary: Tony Stark was born without a heart. Instead, he had a gaping hole that burnt a fire blue and cold. No one knew why except for Howard Stark. If he had said a word about it then this would be a very different story. Unfortunately, Howard didn’t even remember the cure. But as anyone knows, if you have a question, go to the library (not google).


ARTWORK by Lets_Call_Me_Lily
Eyes On The Target by sleepyoceanprince
rating (both art/fic): Teen and Up
universe: Ambiguous Comics Universe
word Count: 9885
warnings: none
Summary: That day Natasha showed up and handed the Avengers a mission that sounded easy as pie, that was the day Tony already knew it would all go south.
He also knew that he had an entirely different problem. Namely Steve. Not that Steve would ever be a problem. Not in and on itself. The problem was more the part where he was constantly around Steve but never with him.


ARTWORK by dragonk/DK
One Good Reason by feelslikefire and circ_bamboo
rating (both art/fic): G (art) / Teen (fic)
universe: MCU
word Count: 12,248
warnings: None
Summary: When Tony asks Steve to accompany him to compete in an ice-skating competition for charity, they realize a little too late that it's a competition for strictly couples-only. One thing leads to another, and soon Captain America and Iron Man are "dating." But what will happen when latent feelings between the two of them finally get acted on?


ARTWORK by coastertoaster
The Plague of York by onebilliondollarman
rating (both art/fic): M
universe: Marvel Ultimates
word Count: 37224
warnings: Graphic descriptions of violence, dementia-like disease
Summary: Two hundred years ago, Captain Steve Rogers was a legendary war hero, the last and only subject of an experiment to imbue humans with monster blood in order to create the perfect soldier. Now, recovered from the ice of the Nothern sea, he is the leader of York's most formidable monster hunting teams, the Ultimates, who are charged with the nonlethal capture and containment of monsters who go feral.


ARTWORK by angelinoshi
Labels that Define Us by AngeNoir
rating (both art/fic): Marvel Cinematic Universe/Alternate Universe
universe: MCU/AU
word Count: 37,287
warnings: Pining, Miscommunication, Misunderstandings, Fae, Faeries, Fantasy, Modern Setting
Summary: Tony Stark was born a satyr, and sometimes he really wishes he'd just been born a human. No one takes a satyr seriously, but when he tries to gain some credibility and authority, he faces obstacles put in his way from his board, his father figure, and the very fae people who would know what it would be like to be different from everyone else.
Tony's having quite a few bad months. Thank god there's a wolf in Central Park that likes to listen. Whenever it bothers to show up, of course.


ARTWORK by onebilliondollarman
Visions and Spectres by Carlen
rating (both art/fic): M/T
universe: 616/Secret Wars AU
word Count: 11292
warnings: Temporary character death
Summary: A year after the death of Rumiko, Steve and Tony are still struggling with the fallout, and it's impact on their relationship.
20 years after the explosion that takes out St. Louis and a day after failed peace talks, President Stark and General America wake up in the Avengers lobby.
Together, the four of them might be able to fix the mistakes of the past, and avoid them in the future.


ARTWORK by lokefanart
Stage Five by magicasen
rating (both art/fic): T
universe: 616
word Count: 28k
warnings: none
Summary: Months ago, just prior to the fall of Norman Osborn's reign, the attempt to reboot Tony Stark's brain fails.
Now, Steve leads a black ops Avengers unit. Their objective: to identify and eliminate threats to national security. But someone has been interfering with their operations, and the trail leads back to an impossible suspect: Tony.


ARTWORK #1 and ARTWORK #2 by marmarris
Engineering Miracles by laireshi
rating (both art/fic): General Audiences/Teen
universe: 616 and Sorcerer Supreme Tony Stark
word Count: 16508
warnings: temporary character death
Summary: The Infinity Gems reappearing is really the sort of thing a Sorcerer Supreme should investigate, and if it involves crossing universes, so much the better. Maybe Tony will finally find an alternate self who hasn't made a complete ruin of his life.
And then Sorcerer Supreme Tony Stark finds himself on Earth-616.


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