Waking the Dragon

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Title: Waking the Dragon
Author(s): tsukinofaerii
Date(s): 14 April 2012
Length: 72,812 words
Genre: Fantasy AU, slash fanfiction
Fandom: Captain America, Iron Man, Marvel 616
External Links: Waking the Dragon (AO3)
Reverse Big Bang Art Post (Dreamwidth)
Reverse Big Bang Art Post (LiveJournal)
Reverse Big Bang Art Post (Tumblr)
Fanart by phoenixmetaphor

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Waking the Dragon is a Marvel 616 Steve/Tony AU by tsukinofaerii. It was written for the Cap/Iron Man Reverse Bang 2012 and is based on a piece of fanart by phoenixmetaphor.[1]

Summary: Since humanity first started spreading across the land, pushing dragons back by sheer numbers, tensions have been high between the species. War is nearly endless, and Prince Tony, the half-human heir of the dragons, is sick of it. When King Howard of the dragons is poisoned, the fate of everything sits in the balance. In desperation to save his own life and to prevent decades of fighting over the throne, Tony sets off to find a cure.

Down in the foothills, Legati Steven of the human army finds himself with a missing friend and assassin, a suspiciously cagy adviser to the ruler and a desperate need to be less interesting. In the interests of scuttling his own career, he starts on his own mission to find his answers. When he runs into Tony, they discover just how complicated things really are.

The scene from the fanart shows the first meeting of Prince Tony and Legati Steven and the story in turn has inspired the artist to draw several illustrations for other scenes which are linked to throughout the story.

Recs and Reviews

Dragons! Tony is a half-dragon prince, Steve is a soldier, and humans and dragons don’t play nice.[2]
This is the best dragon AU I've read in years, and one very much worth reading even if you're not into the Avengers because it is so very well-written and completely self-contained. Pure awesome win from start to finish.[3]
I adore fantasy AUs, especially when the world building is as complex and interesting as you've depicted. It's kind of amazing how artwork can inspire something like this <3 [waves banner] and I definitely didn't think of shape-shifting dragon!Tony when I first spotted the artwork. Seriously, I love not completely human/shape-shifting fics...it's a guilty pleasure of mine. One neat note that blew me away in the first chapter was the somewhat matriarchal society with the "Maria". Nice use of word play with Hill and Hand...[4]


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