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Name: somehowunbroken
Alias(es): Ki
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Stargate Atlantis, Hawaii Five-0, DCU, Stargate SG-1, MCU, Check Please!, Homestuck, Hockey RPF, Sanctuary, Moonlight, Pacific Rim, others
Other: DC Universe Big Bang (moderator)
URL: somehowunbroken (AO3)
somehowunbroken (LJ)
Mast List of Fics
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somehowunbroken is a fanfiction writer who has mostly been active in Stargate Atlantis, Hawaii Five-0, DCU and Marvel fandom.

LJ intro:
I'm Ki, and this my sandbox. You'll find a lot of fanfiction here; the new stuff is mostly DCU, but there's older stuff in Stargate, Hawaii Five-0, Marvel Avengers, and Sanctuary. I mostly write m/m slash stories; some are explicit.

somehowunbroken has participated in several Big Bangs, including Apocabigbang 2011 (SGA, Sheppard/Mitchell), Hawaii Five-0 40k Big Bang 2011/2012 (Steve/Danny), Cap/Iron Man Reverse Bang 2012, DC Universe Big Bang 2012 (participant and co-founder) and Extreme Big Bang (DCU).

Hawaii Five-0