Elegantly Across the Floor

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Title: Elegantly Across the Floor
Author(s): somehowunbroken
Date(s): 30 March 2011
Length: 3,054 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
External Links: Elegantly Across the Floor (AO3)

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Elegantly Across the Floor is a Steve/Danny story by somehowunbroken.

Summary: Grace asks Steve a favor, and Steve obliges.

Recs and Reviews

And now for a nice antidote to my last heart-wrenching rec. This sweet and gentle look at daily life and fatherhood will bring a smile to your face and a heart swell to your chest. Gracie wants to learn to dance for her eighth grade formal and enlists Uncle Steve to help. Somehowhunbroken has woven together a tale that makes me just smile now, thinking about it. She's got the character voices down superbly and keeps the fic at a sweetly tender level without marching into the saccharine. Overall, a fic to just make you grin at the lovely father/uncle/daughter moments.[1]


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