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A Baking AU is a trope found in fanworks in which the practice of baking holds a significant place in the personal life of one or several characters. Baking AUs sometimes overlap with Chef AUs or Bakery AUs, where baking is practiced in a professional setting, or Coffeeshop AUs which often feature baked goods as well as coffee.

For example in gyzym's I've Got Nothing To Do Today But Smile (The Only Living Boy in New York), a stress!baker meets the owner of a coffee shop and together they create a bakery-slash-coffee shop.

GBBO AUs are a specific subset of Baking AUs in which the baking takes place during the British television show The Great British Bakeoff.

Example Fanworks





  • Like Sugar on my Tongue by crackedbuthappy, Jared/Jensen, 2008. Jared's mother taught Jared to bake as a child as a way to release nervous energy, to give him something to do with his hands. It’s not something he does all the time – baking – only when he’s stressed out. But, now that he’s hopelessly in love with Jensen and sharing living space....well, Jared bakes a lot.

One Direction

Radio One RPF

Fanart by chkc related to Foster's Bakery

Stargate Atlantis

  • Foster's Bakery by Cesare and anatsuno, McKay/Sheppard, 2008. Summary of Part 1: Grounded by an injury, John Sheppard leaves the Air Force and, at loose ends, takes up running the bakery he inherited from his mother's family in Colorado Springs.

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