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Name: Alice X. Zhang
Alias(es): alicexz
Type: fan artist
Fandoms: Sherlock, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Doctor Who, Disney, Harry Potter, etc.
alicexz at DeviantArt
alicexz at Tumblr
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alicexz is an artist who illustrates from a variety of fannish sources. She sells prints of her art in her website's shop and Society6 shop, and her art also appears on popular fannish Threadless T-shirts (including All of Time and Space and House Brawl).

She was a guest of honor at the 2013 Bay Area Sherlock Con. [1] She was a presenter of a Doctor Who panel at San Diego Comic-Con in 2015.[2][3] Her art for Doctor Who has been officially licensed by the BBC and used as covers for the Doctor Who comic series.

Fanart Use Policy

Alice has given blanket permission for her art to be used for non-commercial purposes. In 2012, in response to an inquiry about sharing her art on other websites, Alice wrote:

I’m okay with any sharing for the sake of sharing or non-commercial use of any of my artworks. That’s what I put them online for! Go crazy. [...]

It’s only when people deliberately don’t credit me and go out of their way to photoshop out my signature that makes me very sad. :( It seems to happen a lot with those ecards in particular which is why I put some snarky watermarks on my latest ones.[4]

Previously, Alice also wrote:

Hey guys, you never, ever have to ask me for permission for personal usage of my artwork - like saving them to your computer or phone, whether just to keep, or to make an avatar out, or to set as your wallpaper, or even printing out to decorate your room - I don’t mind, it’s nice and flattering and it’s what I’m here for. Any non-profit usage of my art is fine. [...]

Really, the only thing that ISN’T okay is claiming you created my artwork when you clearly didn’t, and/or selling it for your own profit. That’s just silly.[5]


Sherlock art

Marvel Cinematic Universe art

Doctor Who art

Sample Work


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