Red Headed Woman

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Title: Red Headed Woman
Creator: Jamie
Date: 2008
Format: wmv
Length: 6.8MB
Music: "Red Headed Woman" by Bruce Springsteen
Genre: het
Fandom: The Sentinel
Footage: original source material
URL: Vidder's Website

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"Red Headed Woman" is a The Sentinel vid by Jamie. It is a het vid. It was created for Magician113, who "purchased" the vidder's services in exchange for a donation to the Moonridge Auction. This auction is an annual event that supports The Moonridge Zoo, Big Bear, California. The organization rescues displaced wild animals and it is supported by Garett Maggart, the actor who played Blair Sandburg.


This vid was recommended by Magician113 on Crack Van on January 30, 2009:
"It’s another nicely put together vid by the talented Jamie.

And it’s another Moonridge offering. Jamie actually did two Moonridge vids last year. The other, “You Can’t Lose Me” is also found at her site and is just superb. So why did I decide on this one? I *could* say it’s because Bruce has just released a new album this month. But I have to confess it’s because she created it for me! I was in a Sentinel conference chat where we were discussing the abundance of red-heads (mostly criminals) who tend to turn Jim’s head. The next day I was listening to this song and bam! It was like pairing chocolate and peanut butter. A few months later came the Moonridge auction and Jamie agreed to make my vision into reality. The tongue-in-cheek song is perfect for the show and, as usual, Jamie matches up clips to lyrics splendidly.

The most amazing thing is that she was able to accomplish anything at all. She was one of many victims of Hurricane Ike. Although she lost power for weeks and had to leave her home for a while, it didn’t crush her spirit or her creativity. I hope you enjoy this fun vid as much as I do."
from another review:
"This is another fabulous vid by the talented Jamie. By way of full disclosure, she did this one for me as part of this year's Moonridge charity event. I love Bruce Springsteen and I remember during a chat we were discussing the many red-heads on the show. This song, very tongue-in-cheek and full of double entendres, seemed to have good vid potential. Jamie, as usual, took it a step further and married great clips to the lyrics. They're all good, but the scene from Hear No Evil with the doctor is priceless!"[1]


  1. Nadadie Sentinel Recs dated Dec 15, 2012.