15 Yahren Reunion

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Name: 15 Yahren Reunion
Dates: October 15–17, 1993
Frequency: once
Location: Universal City, CA
Type: fancon with celebrity guests
Focus: Battlestar Galactica
Founder: DJ Driscoll (others assisting: Kandy Fong (press liaison), Marnie S. (head of operations), Denetia Arellanes (dealer's room), and Lily Fulford (orphan zines))
Founding Date:
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convention flyer

The Battlestar Galactica 15 Yahren Reunion was a fan run convention held in 1973 to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Battlestar Galactica. The convention had several actor guests including Richard Hatch and Dirk Benedict. Other events included an art/charity show and auction, a costume contest, gaming, a dealer's room and a memorabilia display area.

Proceeds from the convention were to go directly to various charities;[1] however, due to problems with the hotel, attendance was lower than expected.[2] After some pressure and bad PR, the hotel agreed to fund - for free - another charity convention, Con Rad which took place in 1995.


  1. ^ The Nature Conservancy and the Pediatric Aids Foundation.
  2. ^ "The 15 Yahren Reunion really should have been the ultimate BG convention. Almost everyone involved with the series was invited, and, thanks to the location of the con near their homes, many of them showed up. Executive Producer Glen Larson, special effects expert John Dykstra, costume designer Jean-Pierre Dorleac, composer Stu Phillips, story editors Jim Carlson and Terry McDonnell, and producer Harker Wade highlighted the technical staff present, while Richard Hatch, Dirk Benedict, Anne Lockhart, and Sarah Rush were among the actors who showed. It should have been a triumph, and Glen Larson was hoping for a big turnout that he could use to his advantage in his revival efforts. But it turned into a catastrophe for BG. Even today the 15 Yahren Reunion is controversial among fans. While it’s impossible to know why what happened happened, what did happen is this; fans, press people, and actors alike were told by the hotel that the convention was canceled or simply did not exist, and many were discouraged and turned away (Dirk Benedict reportedly had to find his way in through a side door!). Attendance, hoped to be in the high thousands, was low, and Larson’s revival effort, which had apparently included serious interest from the Fox network, was dead." from "Battlestar Zone: The Lost Revivals" by Susan J. Paxton. See also the extensive Letters on the Low Turnout at the Galactica Reunion in 1993 dated March 13, 1995; WebCite.