Live Long and Marry

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Event: Live Long and Marry
Date(s): June 20th - July 15th 2008
Type: charity auction
Fandom: pan-fandom
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The community Live Long and Marry was created on LiveJournal on June 20, 2008 by Rachel Manija Brown and Lady Ganesh, in response to Proposition 8 in California. Its aim was to battle the proposition by donating the auction's proceeds to organizations that fight for the right of same-sex couples to marry.

Those who won auctions could donate their money to either Equality For All, Marriage Equality USA, Equality California, or any other organization which supported marriage equality.

From the profile of the comm:

What's the cause?
The auction will raise money for the fight against the California initiative which will legally destroy existing same-sex marriages and ban any further ones. If the initiative passes, it will write discrimination into the state constitution, annull existing marriages, and make Mr. Sulu cry.
How can I help?
You can bid on fanfic, original fic, vids, cookies, memorabilia, critique/betas, and much more! Or you can offer your skills and services as a writer, vidder, baker, knitter, or whatever else you'd like. [1]

The fandom auction managed to raise $50,250 to support marriage equality in California.[2] They also received a message of thanks from George Takei and his partner, Brad Altman. [3]


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