Bridging the Knight

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Name: Bridging the Knight
Dates: January 17-19, 1997
Location: San Ramon, California
Type: Charity Auction
Focus: Forever Knight
Founding Date:
Banner for Bridging the Knight.
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Bridging the Knight was a Forever Knight convention/charity auction that raised money for Casey House (an AIDS hospice) and the Canadian Diabetes Association.[1]

The first charity auction, Bridging The Knight, was held in San Ramon, California January 17-19, 1997 for the fans of the syndicated television series Forever Knight and raised U.S. $48,000 for Casey House (an AIDS hospice) and the Canadian Diabetes Association. This event was sponsored by the various Forever Knight affiliated fan clubs and made possible by the generous donations from Nicolas Gray, producer for Forever Knight, and the show's actors and crew. Celebrities participating in this event were: Nigel Bennett, John Kapelos, Natsuko Ohama, Jon Cassar, Gary Rieck, Gillian Horvath, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro and P.N. 'Pat' Elrod. From this event, the participating actors, directors and writers joined together to form the Motion Picture Industry Charitable Alliance. [2]

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