Charity Hawktion

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Event: Charity Hawktion
Date(s): 2019 - 2020
Type: auction
Fandom: Marvel
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Charity Hawktion was a Clint Barton-focused charity auction in the Marvel fandom. It first ran in 2019 and ran again in 2020.


Calling All Hawkeye Fans! We’re having a charity auction for all kinds of fanworks to do with Clint Barton, everyone’s favourite disaster archer, inspired and greatly indebted to @fandomtrumpshate. This is your chance to use your love of Clint Barton for the greater good, either by offering you work up for auction, or to bid for a fanwork from your favourite creator!


Creator sign ups ran from July 7th-27th and auction week from August 4th-10th.

Five charities, inspired by Clint Barton, were picked so bidders could choose which they wanted their money to go to. In 2019, these charities were:

Charity Hawktion 2019: Funds Raised
Name Amount Raised
American Society for Deaf Children $1005.00
Coffee Kids $825.50
Dogs For Better Lives $705.00
Friends Of The Family $548.00
The Flying Seagull Project $114.50


The Hawktion returned for 2020, with sign ups running from May 16th-June 6th and auction week on June 13th-20th. Fanworks were due within six months, by January 20th.

In 2020, the five charities bidders could donate to were:

Charity Hawktion 2020: Funds Raised
Name Amount Raised
World Wide Hearing $1290
NEADS World Class Service Dogs $735
Robin Hood Foundation $610
Befrienders Worldwide $545
Project Waterfall $320