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Title: Cathedrals
Creator: chaila43
Date: Aug 2008
Format: DivX .avi
Length: 4:01 minutes
Music: "Jump" by Little Children
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica (2003)
URL: original vid announcement & remastered vid announcement

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Cathedrals is a Battlestar Galactica fanvid by chaila43. It was reviewed by beccatoria on October 29, 2009 at the vid commentary LJ community.[1] In addition, the vidder also offered an indepth vid commentary of her own.[2]

Vidder's Summary: Searching for something true. D’Anna, Laura, Caprica.

Vidder's notes: "The narrative concept is pretty simple: to parallel the separate personal and theological journeys of D’Anna, Laura Roslin and Caprica Six, and to draw them together into a single coherent narrative through shared spaces and themes. The vid is meant to be both intimate and epic, showing the individual quests of the three women but also attempting to capture the overarching mythological themes of the show."

The vid is first part of a post-finale trilogy of vids reclaiming BSG's mythology, theology and mysticism and the interconnected women at the center of it. Part 2: Child You're the Revolution (Athena and Hera) and Part 3 Order in the Sound (Kara and everyone).

Vidder's trilogy notes: "These vids together attempt to present the Opera House from various angles and to capture what it meant to and for different women. Post-finale and its profane Opera House, they also collectively present a reconceptualization of the Opera House as the intersection between life and death and between human and Cylon, representing hybridity in infinite variations: intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical. The third vid, especially, is based on edits made by Battlestar Redactica,[3] a fan-edited alternate 4.5 by cvm_productions. See here[4] for a short explanation of edits relevant to and relied on by the vid and here[5] for a textual explanation of all this, outlined by beccatoria, my compatriot in all this Opera House reclaiming."


  • "You took your time with the opening, which set the mood. The landscapes are so lush and beautiful, which really helped create a feeling of open space and importance. The framing of the song is great for the three characters. There's a slow build and climax for every section. The temples and ruins of Kobol, the algea planet, and the "Earth" are well used and meld so well with the lyrics. Great use of the "end of line" door for Three. All of these small things, like the scripture, the landscapes, Hera, temples, hands, the woods, and ruins come together in this vid amazingly, like a patchwork....All of these different woman searching for the same thing that comes in different forms. All three of them are in the Opera house, just different sections." ~ feedback at the original vid announcement.
  • "That is just frighteningly beautiful. The transitions alone are worth the price of admission, but then you have gorgeous coloring, goosebump raising lyric matches, a sense of calamity and majesty, and visuals so sumptuous I could barely breathe." ~ feedback at the original vid announcement.
  • "FInally watched it! Everyone has been much more eloquent, but this is so beautiful. (And this was your first vid? Really?) I love the paralleling of D'Anna and Laura especially. It's a great look at all these characters and the way that both the search for home and the pull of death are such a central part of their journeys. (For some reason, I think my favorite part is the cut from Laura blessing the prisoners to touching Hera's forehead; I hadn't thought of it, but that moment was a huge transition point for her, as her two major roles in life were as the religious prophet/leader and as Hera's protecter. All the imagery is gorgeous, especially at the end juxtaposing Kobol and the ruined Earth." ~ feedback at the vid announcement.
  • "this song is just haunting, and with the romanticism of the long clips and the saturated vistas it's profound. even more profoundly, I love the way that you've unfurled the parallels and the eventual convergence between the three women's spiritual journeys. the correlation between each of them walking away on "the line moves slowly" was a detail that particularly struck me. this vid will be on my personal playlist for a long time to come. and I'm putting it on the femslash masterlist! I'm constitutionally unable to see God(s) in this show without seeing femslash." ~ feedback at the vid announcement.