Becoming Brothers

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Title: Becoming Brothers
Creator: kass
Date: Aug. 8th, 2010
Format: DivX download, streaming
Length: 1:29 minutes
Music: Calexico's "Whipping the Horse's Eyes"
Fandom: Friday Night Lights
URL: vid announcement

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Becoming Brothers is a Friday Night Lights fanvid by kass. Heresluck offered extended vid commentary at the vid commentary LJ community on October 11, 2011.[1] The vid premiered at the Premieres show at Vividcon 2010.

Viddder's summary: "Two boys from the wrong side of the tracks."


  • "Very nice work, especially how you introduce them. Finding those similarly-composed shots and intercutting them to create a sense of relationship between two characters is really key to this kind of thing. Film professor gives you an A!"[2]
  • "I LOVED this. You managed to pack so much into this, and it worked beautifully. Great parallels between Vince and Luke."[3]
  • "I think this vid is a masterclass in minimalism and narrative economy. It's a tiny little vid, less than a minute and thirty seconds long, beautiful in its simplicity and devastating in its precision. It's a vid that doesn't rely on contextual knowledge to follow the narrative but that nevertheless rewards fans of the show who can recognize how this one relationship resonates with a core concern of the show: the way that characters manage, sometimes improbably, to connect with each other, the ways in which their lives are ultimately better because of each other."[4]
  • "Do you watch Friday Night Lights? I will have to write a big post on it some day, because it's just fabulous, and I swear on everything, you don't need to like football for this show, and if it's not the kind of show you normally watch, that's a major reason you should watch. Oh, show of my heart! Here is a lovely vid about this amazing show. Watch it, then let's chat."[5]


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