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Title: 45
Creator: Dragonchic
Date: August 2008
Format: DivX .avi
Length: 3:51 minutes
Music: "45" by Shinedown
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica (2003)
URL: vid announcement
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45 is a Battlestar Galactica fanvid by Dragonchic. It was reviewed by bop radar on October 19, 2009 at the vid commentary LJ community. In addition, the vidder herself recorded an extended audio commentary on the vid.[1]

Vidder's Summary: "Ruminations of a lifelong military man. Adama study with some Lee."

Vidder's notes: "Power ballad + character who does almost nothing but stand around and look intense? All I can say is thank God for the Razor flashbacks. Though an Adama study has the potential to be very expansive, I took a much more narrow focus here. This is basically a look at how the military can shape a person's life, through the eyes of someone who has put both himself and his family through the ringer. "


  • "The achievement of '45' is in taking us inside the perspective of William Adama, so that we see his life from the inside out, so that for 3 minutes 50 seconds we are not one of those 'pointing the finger'. Adama doesn't give himself a free pass--he's riddled with guilt and the consequences of his decisions weigh heavily on him. It is easy to forget that (and I'm sure I will again). This does not necessarily excuse all his actions, nor should it, but it does allow viewers like me to have a more fully fleshed, balanced perspective on him." ~ feedback at the vid commentary review.
  • "I particularly love the times when you chose to show an explosion to a quiet, non-cymbally time in the music. For all that people compliment you for timing things on the beat, the fact that you know exactly when to make the less obvious musicality choice shows off your artistry even more. The inclusion of Lee was an excellent idea, keeping the portrait more varied and also weaving in a vital storyline of Bill's. The part where Lee gets shot is particularly affecting. Love the bombs falling through the faces. ~ feedback at the vid announcement.