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Name: William Adama, a.k.a. Bill, the old man, Husker (callsign)
Occupation: fleet officer
Relationships: divorced from Carolanne Adama, later involved with Laura Roslin
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica (2003)
Other: (Primarily) played by actor Edward James Olmos
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In Canon

William Adama is the son of Joseph Adama, a civil liberties lawyer whose past was explored in BSG spin-off series Caprica.

William Adama's oldest son, Lee Adama, was present at the decommissioning ceremony of the Battlestar Galactica and thus was saved from the initial destruction of the Twelve Colonies' military installations, shipyards, and planetary civilian targets by the Cylons. His younger son Zak Adama had been killed in a flight accident several years prior to the beginning of the series, but Adama maintained a father-daughter-like relationship with Zak's former fiancee, Lt. Kara Thrace.

Adama's slow-burning romantic relationship with Laura Roslin ignited the imaginations of much of the show's fanbase. Shipping of the two began in earnest in "Resurrection Ship, Part II", when Roslin promoted Adama to Admiral. Adama, in an unscripted moment by Edward James Olmos, kissed Roslin gently on the lips; though the pairing would take another two seasons to become overtly canon, this is often marked as the beginning of their love story by fans. By the time the show finished airing, Roslin/Adama was the most popular pairing in the fandom.

Both William Adama and his son Lee may suffer from manpain in canon.

Fandom on William Adama

"There are any number of reasons to like William Adama – his capabilities as a commander, his principles, his seemingly never-ending capacity to love those around him, his sense of gravitas and personal magnetism, his ability to let things go, or just because he likes to glare at people a lot. And, at the same time, there are plenty of reasons not to like him, none the least of which is his tendency to let his emotions override his common sense. But whether you like him, hate him, or don’t care either way, his impact on the show and the characters around him are undeniably important."[1]

In fanworks, the canon pairing of Adama with his civilian counterpart Laura Roslin is very popular.[2]

In Fanfiction

In Fanvids

  • 45 [1] by Dragonchic. Adama-focused vid with emphasis on duty, sacrifice, and family.

In Fanart

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