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Name: Laura Roslin
Occupation: Politician, Former teacher
Relationships: pre-series affair with then-President Richard Adar, later involved with William Adama
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica (2003)
Other: Played by the actor Mary McDonnell
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Laura Roslin is a Battlestar Galactica character original to the reboot, and is not based on a character from the Battlestar Galactica (1978) series.

In Canon

When the Cylons attack, Laura Roslin is the Secretary of Education and living on Caprica. She is thrust into the role of President of the Twelve Colonies, as she is the only surviving Cabinet member in the fleet. She convinces Adama to flee from the Cylons, taking the fleet into Uncharted space. President Roslin becomes a ruthless leader, often making uncomfortable decisions and coming into conflict with the military, led by Commander William Adama, and her political opponents.

She was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer before the attack on the Colonies, but hides her illness from her allies in the fleet. As a side effect of her treatment, Laura begins to have visions and believes she is The Dying Leader who will lead humanity to Earth. Her religious fervor causes others to doubt her judgement and she even begins to doubt her own faith in later seasons.

Throughout the series, her relationship with her military counterpart William Adama developed greatly, and many fans enjoying the slow growth and maturity of their romance. Initially combative, both leaders had strong opinions on the best course of action, and Laura was willing to stand up to Bill or go behind his back if she believed he was in the wrong. Despite this, they developed a mutual respect and trust, eventually beginning a romantic relationship.

Fandom on Laura Roslin

The portrayal of Laura Roslin as a strong female character has made her very appealing to fans.[1]

In fanworks, the canon pairing of Roslin with her military counterpart William Adama (Bill) is very popular.[2] Many fans refered to this pairing as A/R. This tag applied exclusively to Adama/Roslin works, with pre-series fics pairing Laura with President Adar being tagged Adar/Roslin.

Roslin has also been paired with Kara Thrace, Lee Adama, Gaius Baltar and Tom Zarek.

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