Edward James Olmos

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Name: Edward James Olmos
Also Known As: Eddie Olmos
Occupation: actor, director
Medium: film, television
Official Website(s):
Fan Website(s): http://www.olmosperfect.com/
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Edward James Olmos is a U.S. actor and director of Mexican descent.

Among other roles, he played William Adama in Battlestar Galactica (2003), Martin Castillo in Miami Vice, Detective Gaff in Blade Runner, and Professor Gellar in the sixth season of Dexter.

He directed an episode of Miami Vice, a handful of BSG episodes and the BSG prequel tv-movie The Plan, as well as other projects.[1]


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In RPF fanfiction he is most often paired with Mary McDonnell, who played Laura Roslin (as in BSG FPF ship fic involving Olmos's character Adama he is most often paired with Roslin), and other members of the BSG cast.



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