History of My Future

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Title: History of My Future
Creator: Clucking Belles aka Sandy and Rache
Date: 2009
Fandom: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
URL: Streaming vid here

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History of My Future is a TSCC vid by the Clucking Belles.

Discussions of "History of My Future"

In December 2009, Killabeez wrote an extensive commentary about the vid as part of the Vid Commentary LJ community. Excerpts are included below. A copy has been archived here.

Song Choice

  • "Beyond the obvious parity between the song's title and the show's time-twisty plot, it's an angry, intense song, with deeply meaningful, emotional lyrics that punch you right in the face. That... sounds exactly like the character of Derek Reese, to me."

Editing Style and Eye Movement

  • "This is where the vidders really stretched themselves, with impressive results. The energy of the song demands the kind of editing I call, "cut cut cut flashy flash flash" — meaning, the clips are sharp, frenetic, full of internal motion, and so short that they become virtually a strobe stop-action slideshow at times: images flickering past so quickly that you can't follow them unless the vidder is skilled at directing the eye. I've seen a whole lot of fan vids like this that failed for me because, while the vidder may have had a good sense of story and rhythm, he or she didn't have the visual composition skills to put together a series of clips my eye and brain could follow easily. (For that matter, I've seen dozens of professionally-made movie trailers that failed for the same reason.)"