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Name: mresundance
Alias(es): Mr. E Sundance, Mr. E, Marz
Type: fic writer, vidder, vid critic, VJ, fanmixer
Fandoms: Figure Skating RPF, Hannibal (TV Series), Sherlock (BBC), Supernatural, Legend of the Seeker, vidding, The Libertines (Band)
Communities: Murder Husbands Network
Other: Tumblr and Twitter
URL: Archive of Our Own Page
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MreSundance is a multifandom fic writer and vidder. He has been part of fandom since 2002.

As a writer, he tends to focus on slice-of-life, quieter pieces which explore the emotional landscapes of the characters.

His distinctive vidding style often combines more traditional fandom source with other documents, such as illustrations, pictures, excerpts from poetry, short stories, and fanfiction in order to create a "metanarrative". Both Whole New Way and I Just Had Sex illustrate this.





Mresundance has been in fandom since 2002, when he was a member of the The Lord of the Rings and Lord of the Rings RPS fandoms, notably through the livejournal community Rugbytackle. He also ran a short-lived LOTR fansite and newsletter called "Hobbit Attack", which is now defunct.

He primarily lurked in fandom until 2006, when he began writing fanfiction for the film Alexander and became heavily involved in The Libertines RPS fandom. He wrote several fanfiction stories for Libertines RPS, including Associate Benefits (a Libertines AU where Pete and Carl work retail), and Drowning Me Sorrows.

In 2007 he became interested in Supernatural and Dark Angel and produced his first vids as a result, most notably Bitch.

In 2010 he became involved in the Sherlock BBC fandom, producing fanfiction and a few vids. His multisource vid, Whole New Way debuted his distinctive metanarrative style by combining source from Sherlock BBC, the Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes film (Sherlock Holmes (2009)), illustrations by Sydney Paget, an excerpt from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's "The Adventure of the Three Garridebs", fanart and an excerpt from Autopsis by spikeface. The overall effect created a clever, upbeat commentary on the Sherlock Holmes stories and fan involvement in the stories from 1887 until the present.

He VJ'ed the "Epic Bromance" vidshow for Vidukon 2011 where "The basic idea [of the vidshow] is Bromance, gen or slash." [1]

In 2011 he made a Thor vid, I Just Had Sex, which combined footage from the 2011 film, Marvel comics, and mythology to create a humorous critique of the hypermasculinity of the character of Thor. [2]

Since 2013, he has been part of Hannibal (TV Series) fandom, and has made both vids and written fanfiction, including the RP/fanfiction blog, Twinkyempath. In twinkyempath, Will is characterized as an "overly forthright, cock-hungry twink". [3] Users can ask Will questions about his rather active sex life, and his ongoing relationship with Hannibal Lecter. The blog, like Will, is rather rambunctious in nature and structure, and uses an episodic style to expose the many "truths" Will Graham hides not only from readers, but his lovers, and himself.

In 2018, after two years of being a "low key" fan of figure skating, he officially joined the Figure Skating RPF fandom and began writing for said fandom.


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