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Name: VidUKon
Dates: 2008 - present
Frequency: every two years, then annually
Location: UK
Type: fan con
Focus: Vidding
Founder: lithiumdoll
Founding Date: 2008
URL: VidUKon Website /VidUKon LJ Comm, Dreamwidth Comm, Twitter account

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VidUKon is a vidding convention held in the UK. The inaugural VidUKon was held on October 24-26 2008 in Milton Keynes and featured three days of vid shows, panels, workshops and Tea Cosies.


VidUKon got its start in 2008 when Lithiumdoll took upon the task of organizing a vidding con in the UK/Europe. At the time, USA-based Vividcon was the only vidding-focused con, and several vidders had been expressing their interest in something UK based, that would make it more accessible for Europeans.

The original concom was composed of Lithiumdoll as con chair, with some help from Buffyann and thedivinegoat. Though lots of interest had been vocalized in the early stages, the inaugural con ended up with only a small attendance of less than 20 people and the workload of organization turned out to be way more than what one or two people could handle. The future of the con was therefore uncertain.

In 2010, both bop_radar and buffyann expressed interest in organizing another edition of VidUKon. After much polling about interest and expectations from possible attendees, they decided to take on the organization for another con, with lithiumdoll remaining involved with the website and recodings; beccatoria and BrokenMnemonic provided local assistance. April 9-10 2011 was chosen as the date; the location was moved to Cardiff bay, Wales, where all subsequent cons would be held.

Since VidUKon 2015, VidUKon has maintained the urban myth that VidUKon 2012 occured, but as a mythical event that no-one can remember or will admit to having attended. Over the course of Hallowe'en 2016, the convention website was updated to reflect the con having actually occured, with horror themes throughout and indications that the site was subject to some form of demonic possession; VidUKon 2012 included a downloadable convention book and a number of vidshows. Over the course of Hallowe'en 2017, a similar situation occured, but in that instance, the convention displayed was VidUKon 1812, again with downloadable convention book and a range of vidshows featuring vids and material appropriate to the year.

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