Day Carry Night

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Title: Day Carry Night
Creator: tearful_eye
Date: April 2009
Format: .avi
Length: minutes
Music: timesbold - watercolor (remixed)
Fandom: Criminal Minds
URL: announcement
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Day Carry Night is an Criminal Minds vid by tearful_eye. It was reviewed via an audio commentary by amnisias at the Vid Commentary LJ community on July 17, 2010.

Vidder's Summary: ...and time makes excuses, and enemies.

Vid Commentary: "I particularly fell in love with Day Carry Night because it’s visually so stunning and because it manages to capture the complexity of Reeds character and the ambiguity of the show into just three minutes of vid."[1]


  • "The disorientation is beautifully done with the editing to the piano notes and the additional movements like a carosel when you want to get off. The way you've edited and shown the characters leds me to think they're like profilers, getting into the minds of the people they're after, hense the title. It looks intense and the Reid character looks very interesting. He was kidnapped, tortured, and turned to drugs? His mind must be a frightening place."[2]
  • "I'm definitely coming at this from a fandom point-of-view more than vid since I don't watch many fanvids, but I really loved this. I really like how it seems at first to be a vid about Spencer and then turns into really being a vid about the whole team. It seems to me to stick very close to the source, meaning that to me CM is very much a team show (done right) - each person is given ample time to shine alone and but even then the strings that tie them together, so to speak, just become even more apparent. I loved the blinding-light theme throughout."[3]
  • "This. This is the video I needed to see. It's dark, but with this edge of hope. All the movement, and focus on light, as if we are looking up out of the darkness at the gleam of hope, that remaning swinging shred of it.""[4]


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