Half Acre

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Title: Half Acre
Creator: jarrow and laura shapiro
Date: Dec 2008
Format: Divx .avi
Length: 3:35 minutes
Music: Half Acre by Hem
Fandom: Six Feet Under
URL: jarrow's vid announcement & laura's vid announcement

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Half Acre is an Six Feet Under vid by jarrow and laura shapiro. It was reviewed by aycheb at the Vid Commentary LJ community on July 9, 2009.

Vidder's summary: "What is it that you remember?"

Vid commentary: "It’s tempting to call it a vid about family but “family” has been co-opted and bound to such a narrow focus and this vid is more big-hearted than that. It’s a vid about people and connections and generations. About time, about memories and dreams. About hurt and healing, about death and life. About the old giving way to the young and the young becoming wise. It’s also about Claire Fisher."[1]


  • "And now I am crying again. Stupid amazing show. Stupid beautiful well crafted extremely clever vid."[2]
  • "wow, I've never watched the show and barely know what it's about and yet, I was incredibely (sic) moved and emotionnal while watching it. I love the sweetness of the song and how it carries pefectly the emotion of the family. The clip choices are fabulous, and it's really the kind of piece where you don't think about the editing but the emotion of it. Reminded me of how I felt watching chasarumba's Let the sun fall down. It made me feel about how beautiful the world is and how families go through ups and down but it's just beautiful." [3]
  • And it takes great editing skills to do this, to bring those clip choices together in a way that just brings the viewer in and brings emotion to his heart." [4]
  • "Your pacing is fabulous, considering that you find it a challenge. I'm particularly impressed by how well-paced the emotion is throughout, the verses and choruses corresponding so well with the imagery. All too often I see vids where one clip has no relation to the one following, so it's refreshing to see the exact opposite here. Lovely work." [5]
  • "There's a visual richness to the footage that seems to me to evoke the richness of the family connections and interconnections. I love the way you return to the motif of the photographs; initially I thought they were just establishing shots, but when you returned to the photo albums (and then, even more powerfully, to the taking of snapshots) they became much more powerful for me -- an act of memory, happening in realtime. And the way the car, and the vista, takes us into the vid and then back out of it again...! Truly lovely. I want to watch this one again."[6]
  • Okay just finished the show but this vid makes me cry and cry (especially in the crying parts) and I wish it would last forever. It's so beautiful and sums up the show so well. I love all the sweet comforting moments and how the motion feels so natural and it feels like each character and relationship is lovingly caressed. The love for the family just comes across so well. I particularly love the blowing out the candles to the car out of the driveway, so emotionally satisfying. And the comfort by Nathanial Sr. was wonderful! And the little musical sound (you know what I mean) to the kids was so beautiful. This just reminds me of what vidding can do and how beautiful it can be. Thank you both so much for making!"[7]


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