Ding! Dong!

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Title: Ding! Dong!
Creator: kiki_miserychic
Date: December 2008
Format: .avi
Length: 2:59 minutes
Music: Ding! Dong! by Sufjan Stevens
Genre: character study
Fandom: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
URL: announcement

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Ding! Dong! is an Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles vid by kiki_miserychic. It was reviewed by thuviaptarth at the Vid Commentary LJ community on August 29, 2009.

Vidder's Summary: "Sarah Connor should be dead."

Vid Commentary: "Ding! Dong! (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles uses a dirge-like hymn by Sufjan Stevens about Mary and Jesus to capture Sarah Connor's conflicted feelings about maternity and her son's growth to adulthood. I love the song choice for this, from the urgent beat of the music to the invocation of Marian imagery. The series itself (not to mention the movies that inspired it) is filled with messianic Christian imagery, from the initials "JC" for the savior of the human race to the resurrection imagery invoked by the destroyed and recreated terminator models and humbled and resistant humanity to the Pieta pose Sarah takes in the series' opening sequence, a nightmare in which a terminator kills John. But a Pieta has only two figures, and Sarah Connor's version of this story has three: the mother, the son, and the future that may kill him."[1]


  • "Awesome. Grim and freaky and uncomfortable. Just like Sarah Connor. Thanks."[2]
  • "...that to win, by any measure of that word, Sarah has to lose the only thing she cares about, either to a terrible future or to adulthood. Brilliant."[3]
  • "The right-wrongness of a Sarah Connor nativity story is brilliantly realized. Cameron the wise man. I love the way the movement first hesitates then pushes you forcibly from clip to clip. There’s something almost Brownian about it, which really captures the uncertainty of Sarah just at the tipping point. All the pieces on the board but the game not quite started. I love the ending intercutting seeker, mother, soldier. All that she is."[4]
  • "-I love the perversion of the family unit here; the use of Sarah as mother *and* warrior/protector *and* soothsayer *and* pawn of fate *and* actor of destiny. You manage to hit every aspect of her character within such a short amount of time, and it ends up *awesome*"[5]


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