Origin Stories

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Title: Origin Stories
Creator: Gianduja Kiss
Date: 2008
Format: vid
Length: 3:47
Music: Coffee, by Aesop Rock
Fandom: BTVS, Angel
Footage: BTVS, Angel
URL: for download, on YouTube

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Origin Stories is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer vid. It was released with the tag line, "It's Nikki Wood's fucking coat."

Commissioned and conceived by Thuvia Ptarth for Sweet Charity, the vid was made by Gianduja Kiss in 2008 and is about race and appropriation in the Buffyverse. As aca-fan Henry Jenkins describes it, this commentary is "hung on the fact that Spike's trademark leather coat turns out to be a trophy taken from the body of Nikki Wood, whose son Robin Wood shows up in season seven to avenge her. The vid critiques not only the text, but also the fan response to it, both of which tended to privilege Spike's redemption arc over the stories of Buffy's minority characters."[1]

This vid circulated widely through fandom in 2008 as part of a larger conversation about race in both source and fannish texts. Most popular extensive commentaries on the vid are Origin Stories: The Backstory by the author and Three origin stories by Thuvia Ptarth.

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