Bloody Awful Poet Society

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Name: Bloody Awful Poet Society
Date(s): 08 Feb 2001[1] - May 2008
Type: mailing list, website
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
URL: (archived on Wayback)
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The Bloody Awful Poet Society (BAPS) was a Spike-oriented Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan club and yahoo group, with a mailing list that "spiked" (heh) at over 2,000 members, the largest Spike redemptionist group on the internet.

The club's name referred to Spike's pre-vampire human persona, the mild-mannered William, described by one of his Victorian-era tormentors as "a bloody awful poet." The mission statement of the club was to champion Spike's redemption via essays, episode analysis, fanfiction and chat.[2] Given Angel's fifth season, one could say that they were successful.

The site was formerly the home of the Spoiler Whore Zone, before Wendy moved to Tabula Rasa and started Wendy's Spoiler Zone.

William, the bloody awful poet

"I like that fan club (Bloody Awful Poet Society) a lot. At a point when I played the earlier part of the character before he became a vampire, we had to admit that he was, er, not so sexy. And then they really embraced that character. That felt really good." -- James Marsters, August 2004, SFX magazine


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