Tabula Rasa (Buffy website)

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Name: Tabula Rasa
Dates: Dec 31 2001 - ?
Fandom: BtVS
URL: link)
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Tabula Rasa was a Spike redemptionist site. It hosted a mailing list, Spike focused essays, and Wendy's Spoiler Zone. The Tabula Rasa Yahoo Group was also associated with the site, and featured discussion about Spike's redemption and his relationships with other characters.

A Spike redemptionist site, with excellent essays, episode analyses, thoughts, and FAQ pages. TR believes that Spike will be redeemed through his interactions with other characters and specifically, through his interactions with Buffy as she progresses on her hero's journey.[1]


This list was created when the Bloody Awful Poet Society list was (temporarily) closed on December 31, 2001.[2]


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