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The Fanged Four refers to the vampires Darla, Angelus, Drusilla & William the Bloody/Spike in the Buffyverse. Peasant describes it as a metaphor for a family[1] and the term's often reserved for the period when the four hunted together, cutting a swathe through Europe and Asia together in slo-mo,[2] between Spike's siring and Angel's being cursed with a soul, based on the flashbacks that appeared in each of the shows. It's actually a surprisingly short period (1880 to 1898), but the show's variable canon gives a bit of wiggle room. The term is sometimes applied to any historical work involving any combination of the four.

The Fanged Four are relatively popular in fanfiction. The major pairings are Angelus/Darla, Spike/Drusilla & Angelus/Spike, though they're generally assumed to have sex in all combinations.

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The authors Coquette & Peasant are particularly associated with writing the Fanged Four.


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