Soulful Spike Society

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Name: The Soulful Spike Society
Dates: 2004 - ?
Type: Website, Board, Forum
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel the Series
URL: link) Message Board(archived link)
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The Soulful Spike Society was a website and associated message board devoted to the character of Spike from the Buffyverse.

An offbeat, erudite, funny collection of discussions, analytical essays, fanfic/poetry, Weetabix factoids, and overall thoughtful silliness dedicated to the only BLEACHED BLOND vampire with a soul. Includes officers and extras of the Van Helsing Institute for the Study of Nosferology.[1]


The Soulful Spike Society originally met on a different message board, whose shutdown led to the founding of the Soulful Spike Society.

It wasn't a BtVS dedicated website. It had posting boards for just about every TV show, but the BtVS board had the most activity - I think more than all the other boards put together. Anyway, it was the site where what eventually became the Soulful Spike Society was born.
Found it - it was the ScoopMe Buffy board I was talking about.[2]


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