Campfire Tales

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Name: Campfire Tales
Date(s): Spring 2002 - sometime after March 2005[1]
Archivist: Kita, Evette
Founder: Kita
Type: Darkfic
Fandom: Buffyverse
URL: (on Wayback)
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Campfire Tales was a Buffyverse fanfiction archive that focused on darkfic. It also contained various essays to help fic writers on how to write darkfic.

The original idea for Campfire Tales was to be a general horror fic archive, but The Darker Side of Sunnydale closed down and Campfire Tales was revamped to be focused on the Buffyverse darkfic. In July 2002, Campfire Tales became the official BTVS Writer's Guild Darkfic Zone[2].

In April of 2004, Evette took over the site.



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