In a Dark Time

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Title: In A Dark Time
Author(s): A. Leigh-Anne Childe
Date(s): 1997
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: The X-Files
External Links: In A Dark Time (TER/MA)
In A Dark Time (The Basement)
In A Dark Time (RatB)

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In A Dark Time is A. Leigh-Anne Childe's expansion of two episodes of The X-Files, "Sleepless" and "Ascension", into a slash novel/series.

From the author's notes on the "Sleepless" section of the series:

This [story] contains, along with my own original work, all of the "Sleepless" dialogue, transcribed verbatim and complete save for a very few scenes. [...] Basically, this represents an attempt to expand on "pre-existing" events and conversations in a logical, continuity-consistent manner...[1]

The story stands out for the author's baroquely lush prose, incisively observed characterization, and the sexual relationship between Mulder and Krycek; "blistering" and "devastating" and "monitor melting" are some of the adjectives applied to the story by readers.[2] It won a Whammy Award in 1997.

Recs and Reviews

What XF slash should be. A re-writing of the XF eps Sleepless and the very beginning of Ascension that hits the characters so squarely you'll wonder (again) how Surferdude can be so oblivious. Lovely prose, a wildly eccentric and incredibly Mulderish Mulder, a complex and multi-faceted Krycek, complicated relationships, hot sex, everything you ever wanted to know about the mating habits of hamsters... And it's *long*. Perfection.[3]
Dark, sweaty, a Mulder that seduced, a Krycek that succumbed , the lights are lowered while sex has double edges... The time before the truth reeked their nights into pieces. And this is what *classic* is in M/K world.[4]
Upon first reading of this Mulder/Krycek fic, I said to myself, "Damn, she knows how to *write*." Not only did she describe a believable relationship (of sorts) between Mulder and Krycek, but she wrote some devastating smut scenes that melted my monitor. After all this time, this story still sticks in my mind, and I don't really even read X-Files slash.... [5]
Excellent retelling of essential X-Files episodes laced with steamy, bone-melting sex. [6]
There are some fantastic stories that tie directly into “Sleepless” and the introduction of Alex Krycek to The X-Files universe.

“In a Dark Time: Sleepless” by Anna S is one of the first Mulder/Krycek stories I read, and it’s still one of my all-time favorite XF fics, in any genre. It fulfills every requirement of mine for good M/K: it’s set during season two, prior to Scully’s abduction, and it’s by turns violent, twisted and passionate—and so is the sex. Just as “The Other Man” does for “Deep Throat,” this fic shows the abduction arc in an entirely different light. I have reread this compelling fic many times, because it is just that good. Her writing is lushly description, even baroque in places, but it works, oh, it works. Her Mulder is eccentric, brilliant, and sexy; her Krycek is complex, layered, and treacherous.

The link is to her X-Files fic page, way-backed; the story links are on the right. You can also find this at the Basement but I think this is a more recent version, plus it includes a unfinished sequel. If, after watching “Sleepless,” you are looking for fluffy, and-they-lived-happily-ever-after M/K fic, this isn’t it. In fact, you may not like this story at all. But if you like your M/K fic dark and your ships doomed, you may love this fic as much as I do. [7]


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