Canis Lupus Amatoris

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Name: Canis Lupus Amatoris
Type: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Harry Potter
Canis Lupus Amatoris.png
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Canis Lupus Amatoris was a Harry Potter slash site. It was hosted by GeoCities. Each pairing had their own page with a beautiful fanart banner and some pages had banners but no fanfiction yet.


  • Canis Lupus - fanfiction featuring sirius and remus
  • Serpentis Lupus - fanfiction featuring severus and remus
  • Cervus Serpentis - fanfiction featuring james and severus
  • Canis Serpentis - fanfiction featuring sirius and severus
  • Canis Cervus - fanfiction featuring sirius and james
  • Cervus Lupus - fanfiction featuring james and remus
  • Canis Leonis - fanfiction featuring sirius and harry
  • Lupus Leonis - fanfiction featuring remus and harry
  • Draconis Leonis - fanfiction featuring draco and harry
  • Incendium Aliquis - fanfiction featuring the weasleys
  • Reliquus Domini - fanfiction featuring any other pairings
  • Affiliates - other sites affilitated with this site


The site was a member of the All Harry Potter Slash webring where it was listed with the description:

A site of fanfiction featuring all slash pairings of the Harry Potter fandom.[1]

It was also a member of Harry Potter: Platform 9 3/4, Harry Potter Ring of Magic, Harry Potter Over The World, Harry Potter Sites, Hermione's Harry Potter Webring, the Harry Potter Fansite Ring, Harry Potter FanFiction, LOTR, Harry Potter, Young Dracula And Troy Webring, Sirius Black Webring, Remus Lupin Webring, Gryffindor Rules, Sirius & Remus Slash, Marauders FanFic Sites, Slytherins Unite!!!, The Harry and Draco Webring and Harry Potter RPG.[2]



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